Adios, Tierra

Tierra — the Latin-inspired restaurant located underneath Spruce in the old Town Hall next to Restoration Hardware — has served its last lobster ceviche, chicken chilaquiles and lamb arepas.

The food got pretty decent reviews. The service was inconsistent. And — tucked away in an alley — it was not easy to find.

However, some of its less-than-uno-año run may be its own fault. One Westporter shook his head at the news.

“They never even put out a sign,” he says. That tells you something.

This was the entrance to Tierra.

This was the entrance to Tierra.


17 responses to “Adios, Tierra

  1. Jamie Camche

    Shame !

  2. Yep, never knew it was there, despite going by that location 3-4 times a week.

  3. Bart Shuldman

    We really enjoyed the food. Needed to change the menu more and get more comfortable seating. But will miss the variety it supplied Westport.

  4. Robbyn Footlick


  5. Lee Fleming

    We went there once for Sunday brunch. The food was very good and the coffee was excellent. However, it took them more than 30 minutes to make coffee in a French press! We were the only clients there except for a couple of people at the bar. The host was rude — the waitress finally greeted and seated us (outside — it was a lovely day). This was after we guessed at the entrance. Some of what we ordered was never served even after requesting them two additional times — we had to insist that those items be removed from our bill since we never even got a glimpse of them. This was six months after opening, so there was no excuse for mistakes. Sorry to see them go, but not surprised.

  6. Roberta LeMay

    Yes, sad to see it go, because the food was very, very good. However, they seemed determined to not promote themselves. I went twice, once for brunch when we were the only people there (and still it took a very long to be served) and for a weekend dinner, which was busier, but we still walked in without reservations.

  7. As I understand it from the one time I went to investigate the rumor that there was actually a restaurant opening, the manager of Tierra told me they could not get permission for a sign from the town because it was below street level (What?) and their architects and attorneys were trying to get permission for a sign. Considering the larger than life signage of the store above Tierra and all around the restaurant, I had no idea how to interpret this information. Why would the town object? My problem at the time was that I walked around the building twice and couldn’t find the entrance. I went into the building once where the elevator was and there was no evidence of a restaurant anywhere, nor an entrance. I even asked a workman at the building if he knew of the restaurant, but he had no idea. Very strange that any one would take a space where you were not allowed to have sign announcing your presence to the public.

    • If that’s true, they should have gone to the (ahem) media. The controversy would have given them tons of much-needed publicity.

  8. Armelle Daniels

    Too bad. Food was very good. Chef was creative and had worked at one of our favorite Cuban fusion restaurant in Philadelphia (Alma de Cuba). Service was however painfully slow and casual.

  9. Jack Whittle

    Sorry to see them go – we ate there a number of times and the food was very good; Tierra brought something new and different (Cuban fusion, I’d call it) to the Westport area

  10. Never even knew they were there. Sad.

  11. No idea it was there!

  12. Interesting point about the signage. I happened to be at an Historic District Commission hearing on a different subject one night and one of the…what would it be “petitioners”?…were representatives of the restaurant and they presenting their request for some embellished signage out near the Post Road which the Commission signed off on.

    I did not know it existed, but being curious, we tried it one night and had a very good meal, with service that was at least “meh”. Place was busy and had a good vibe and was on our list of places to go again, So I am sorry to see it go. But like others, it took us a bit to figure out how to get into the place.

  13. matthew mandell

    This is sad. They had good food and a good attitude. They did restaurant week and had so many people come in. Signage was a big issue for them. I offered tips on what to do, but months ago if was clear they were failing. In the end they ran without a manager and that was that.

    A new restaurant could come in there, all the stuff us still there but would they to find the location untenable.

  14. used to walk by there in the 40s and 50s on our way too and from the Fine Arts Theatre, and i always admired the stonework on the old Town Hall, the
    work of fine Italian artisans.

  15. Larry weisman

    Tierra was a terrific place. I loved the food and the atmosphere. It was our “goto” place and we’ll miss it.
    Larry Weisman