Can You Believe: Another Westport Library National Award!

The Westport Library serves everyone. This week everyone, it seems, wants to serve it.

Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement that director Maxine Bleiweis will receive one her profession’s highest awards comes more news: Westport is a finalist for one of the library world’s greatest honors.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has included Westport on its list of 15 libraries vying for its National Medal. Each was chosen for its significant and exceptional contributions to its community, and its extraordinary and innovative approach to public service.

Westport joins the likes of the Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Phoenix public libraries. It was singled out for “exemplary leadership in promoting lifelong learning while engaging and inspiring the public.”

The Westport Library offers every conceivable service, from every imaginable perspective. (Photo/Dave Elgart)

The Westport Library provides every conceivable service, for every imaginable perspective. (Photo/Dave Elgart)

The Westport Library offers over 1600 programs a year. Its annual Maker Faire attracts 4,000 inventors, hobbyists, scientists, teachers and individuals. The library earned 5-star status from the Library Journal — an honor granted to less than 1% of American public libraries.

Winners will be named this spring. They’ll be honored in Washington, DC. They’ll also receive a visit from StoryCorps, the nonprofit that records and shares oral histories.

In the meantime, IMLS encourages Westport Library users to share their stories on Facebook (click here).

Stories, after all, are what the Westport Library is all about. Plus magazines, newspapers, videos, computers, art, lectures, recitals, 3D printers, robots, crossword puzzles…

7 responses to “Can You Believe: Another Westport Library National Award!

  1. And why not? of Course the Westport library is an award winner.

  2. Brilliant!

  3. I attribute my lifelong love of books and the discovery of information and exploration of life through books to the Westport Library on the Post Road. I lived there some Saturdays and some long days during the summer. I’m glad the library is still at the heart of Westport living.

  4. Maxine Bleiweis

    We are honored and humbled for the recognition the Westport Library has received today. I have to say that what makes the Westport Library so special is that it is a reflection of the community’s aspiration and commitment to literacy and life-long learning. We are truly a gathering place where people come together to share experiences and knowledge. Intergenerational, non-sectarian, free-to-all, the Library is a safe place to question and think. Thank you, Dan, for sharing our news today

  5. Magnificent!

  6. Congratulations !!!