And Why Shouldn’t I Park Here? I Need Milk And Eggs!

In the nicest weather, Trader Joe’s is crowded. And the parking lot is a mess.

Today is not the nicest weather. We’re in the midst of our daily snowstorm, so naturally everyone headed out for milk and eggs. The parking lot was a real mess.

Alert “06880” reader Pam Ehrenburg has seen plenty of crowds at Trader Joe’s. She calls today’s “the busiest ever.”

Pam has also seen plenty of entitled parking in her years in Westport. But this sight left her, she says, “in awe.”

Trader Joes parking

“Parker smiled,” she reports. “But didn’t move.”

11 responses to “And Why Shouldn’t I Park Here? I Need Milk And Eggs!

  1. She’s lucky someone didn’t key her. (Or maybe someone did.)

  2. Pam Barkentin Ehrenburg

    It was a man. I suggested that he at least pull up a little so his rear wasn’t out in the traffic, but clearly he didn’t think it necessary!

    • Sandy Soennichsen

      Pam – did you go in and complain to the manager? I would insist that the police be called. Or should have told the perp you were taking that pic and sending it to the police.

  3. Car driving on I-95..10 miles an hour with flashers…now you would think there was something wrong with the car and they would pull off next exit…one would think anyway but no..passed every exit from Fairfield and kept going past the one I was exiting and continuing on to Norwalk and who knows where still flashing…still doing 10….maybe the bread and eggs are better long distance!! 🙂 be safe all!!! Oh and entitlement issues are alive and well in Fairfield too!!!

    • Sandy Soennichsen

      Joanne, at least they had the flashers on when going that slow, I personally don’t have a problem with that, and others can clearly see that something was different. Was it snowing then?

      • Yes but very lightly…my point was if they were afraid to drive, pull off one of the exits because people coming up had no idea what was going on and some were barreling up was dangerous. Especially with ig trucks not allowing for passing.

    • To me, flashers on slow moving cars means “I’m completely inept and cannot drive in snowy conditions” : )

  4. Best one yet, Dan! (Parking jobs that is)!

  5. And the beat goes on … !