Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

…but Lynn U. Miller keeps us all warm, with these spectacular photos.

While the rest of us were snuggled up yesterday afternoon, she ventured out to Jesup Green, and the snowy riverbank behind Oscar’s.

The results are definitely worth it. Click on, hover over or swipe to enlarge!

National Hall - Lynn U Miller

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photos/Lynn U. Miller)



4 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

  1. The bridge shot is just wonderful!!! You nailed it –10.0!

  2. Lynn should see if Camber of C wants one of her photos for their booklet. I saw a recent request, perhaps it is closed now. Don’t know how to get hold of Lynn but we are were friends decades ago. Tell her it’s Rindy

  3. Ann Marie Flynn

    Brrrr! Lynn the are great photos. Thank you.