Gotta Hand It To Our Dump

It may not be the only one of its kind in the country, but Westport’s dump could be the most interesting since Arlo Guthrie and Alice visited theirs that famous Thanksgiving years ago.


  • We don’t call it a dump. It’s a “transfer station.”
  • Sure, there are trucks and Suburbans. But there are also plenty of Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedeses, plus the occasional Tesla, Maserati, Rolls and Bentley. All are driven by “normal” Westporters, trash in tow.
  • It may be the only dump transfer station that’s a regular stop for politicians stumping for votes, and non-profits to hand out flyers.

Now, add one more “only in Westport.” Is there another one anywhere with a hand sanitizing pump — and marketing materials?

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

(Photo/JP Vellotti)




8 responses to “Gotta Hand It To Our Dump

  1. Karen Huppi Vail

    You pretty much described my transfer station (that’s what it’s called here too), in Orleans, Ma (Cape Cod), we have the hand sanitizer too, though no advertising, and all the other things you mentioned. A few less expensive cars, more of a mix, including a vw bus or two. Not every dump on the Cape has a ‘swap shop’ where you can leave/pick up usable household items, records, books, etc., ours is called the Gift House, but the residents whose town does not are quite jealous of those that do!

  2. Been reading U for years Dan. I do not think I ever told U how much I appreciate what you do. I am sure you’ve heard this a lot….We are all blessed by your efforts…your Westport memories, and how U have touched SO MANY hearts and minds. Thank you from one of your ( oldest ) Westport friends. God bless you Dan

  3. Aww, I liked *normal Westporters, trash in town* and *stooping politicians stumping*…but I’m glad they were typos. You don’t miss much Dan! You are the best!

  4. Michael Calise

    The place is more like a community center and the guys who work there are tremendous!

  5. When I ran for office (ZBA) in 1993 and 1997, I stood at the “Transfer Station” every Saturday morning handing out my jar openers. I think I met practically everyone in Westport. It was kind of fun. As Mike Calise said, it is like a community center. Everyone seemed to be friendly and in a good mood.

  6. Seriously? Where I live, you might see a realtor’s ad on the outside of a bus but not at the transfer station.

    Trips to the transfer station are rare, as we have two trucks each week: one for recycling materials, one for “green waste” (kitchen and yard waste), and one (every second week now) for garbage.

    Rather than “Enjoy Your Day”, maybe a “Yes, We (Green) Can” sign would do.

  7. Elizabeth Thibault

    I’m guessing that the Realtor in question is sponsoring the supplies. It’s unobtrusive and fills a purpose, unlike so many forms of advertisement.