Hey, Guest Bartender!

If restaurants can have a guest chef, I guess bars can have a guest bartender.

Today (Thursday, November 13, 8 p.m.) Steve Schneider slips into that role at Dunville’s.

It’s a way of celebrating the renovations the popular Saugatuck spot has made. Co-owner Stephen Carpentieri calls it “Dunville’s 2.o.”

“Carpi” and Schneider are no strangers to each other. They co-starred in “Hey Bartender,” the award-winning documentary directed by Doug Tirola and produced by Susan Bedusa. Both are longtime Westporters.

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider

The film examines the 2 Steves — Schneider and Carpentieri — as they try to achieve their dreams through bartending. It’s available on Showtime, Netflix and iTunes.

Since the theatrical release, Schneider has flown to London, Berlin, Russia, Asia and Australia. He’s guest-bartended at the top spots in the world.

Tonight he adds Dunville’s to the list.


6 responses to “Hey, Guest Bartender!

  1. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Good Luck and best wishes Steve!

  2. Can’t wait to go back and have guest Cinese food with a guest bartender.

    David L. Meth dlm67@mac.com DavidMeth.com

  3. Chuck Haberstroh

    It should be made clear that Steve Carpentieri is not the sole owner of Dunville’s. He is co-owner with lifelong Westporter Dan Horelik. Dan founded Dunville’s with Kevin Brawley 30-something years ago, I believe Steve bought Kevin out something like 15 years ago.

  4. Thanks — my bad. The story has been changed to reflect that.

  5. Hey, the bar is not the only show at Dunville’s. It is our favorite place to go when visiting in Westport for a delicious and reasonably priced lunch. There is a wide selection on the menu. The chef and waitress do a great job in presentation and service in an unpretentious casual setting. Have not been there for dinner or sampled the bar. Was pleasantly surprised this summer to discover the movie while browsing Netflix . Great place. Good luck to Steve and Dan.

  6. Remy Chevalier

    I wanted to ask the Westport Library to purchase the Hey Bartender film, but it’s not on DVD yet, just available as a streaming download.