Vigilante Justice

At first glance, this seems like one more instance of a Westporter stealing campaign signs. Not cool, but unfortunately not out of the ordinary either.

Last night around 7 p.m., an alert “06880” reader was driving on Greens Farms Road.  At the intersection with Hillspoint, he saw a silver Subaru pulled over on Hillspoint. The hazard lights were on, and the rear door opened.

A man pulled a bunch of political signs out of the back of the car, and dumped them on the ground.

Here’s where the tale gets interesting. A photo — taken this morning — shows the pile:

Signs dumped

It includes campaign signs for Republicans and Democrats — along with one for the Community Nursery School.

So the skunk-like thief/litterer was not out to create political mischief.

He just doesn’t like lawn signs, period.

So he took the law into his own hands.


11 responses to “Vigilante Justice

  1. Or he took the lawn into his own hands.

  2. I think the person would have made their point had he/she also taken the signs with them. Is not their argument that we are littering? By the way, open of the signs pulled is for there CraftWestport festival happening this WE. The Westport Young Woman’s League, as required, does get permits with the town and the schools to put signs on the town/school locations and per regulations the signs can be in for 2 weeks. Other signs are on private property even if that property borders a major road. We make every effort on Sunday night/Monday morning to collect all our signs. This is really what needs to be encouraged, collection after the event be it political or other.

  3. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    Hmmm. Wonder if the same scofflaw (or his evil twin) had anything to do with a similar sign sweep north of the Easton Road intersection at North Avenue.
    In addition to the conspicuous absence of political palaver along the stretch of North Avenue bordering polling place Coleytown School, the Registrar’s “VOTE” signs directing voters to the appropriate driveway entrance have also gone missing.
    The resulting situation is not just annoying but is also a public safety hazard for district voters trying to find their way in the earlier EDT dusk.

  4. He took the LAWN into his own hands. I must say over the years they’ve multiplied to the point of annoying!

  5. I am tired of all the signs too. …but I wouldn’t litter!!!

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Sometimes the signs at intersections can block the view of oncoming traffic. There is an island at the intersection of Sturges Highway and Long Lots that is so inundated with signs you actually have to go into the road to see traffic coming from the left. Maybe this gentleman got so frustrated by something similar, he decided to do something about it. In which case, I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

  7. Simply think of all those multi-colored signs as directions to a party, like balloons.

  8. Have to admit I said to self this morning “the signs will be gone TG”!!

  9. At least he did not leave a Steinberg Candy Wrapper behind!

  10. He needs to follow the signs to the transfer station/dump, and perhaps he should to listen to “Alice’s Restauant”, again to remember all the trouble one can get into for littering. Good idea. Poorly executed.

  11. Sarah Litterer

    Seems to me like he just made the signs someone else’s problem.