It’s Election Day. Have You Voted Yet?

People all over the world have fought — and died — for the right to vote.

They still are.

There is no excuse not to vote. None.

Especially not knowing where to cast your ballot. If you’re not sure, click here.

The polls are open until 8 p.m. But do it now!

Both the sun and Election Day signs were up early this morning, at the Westport Library polling place.

Both the sun and Election Day signs were up early this morning, at the Westport Library polling place.


14 responses to “It’s Election Day. Have You Voted Yet?

  1. Yup. I was ballot #183 at Greens Farms, district 5.

  2. 🙂

  3. Thank you Dan for this post today. Regardless of how you feel about the issues, the candidates, the state of your town, the state or the country, please exercise your right to vote – one small act of service to the democracy we enjoy here. PS, I was pleased to see the full parking lot at Coleytown Middle School this morining – looked like a good turnout, at least at 6:45 anyway.

  4. You can also find out where to vote by clicking on the Google logo today.

  5. Michael Calise

    go Dan!

  6. Robert Mitchell

    Bittersweet Election Day. No Bill Meyer!

  7. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    I still get a thrill each time I vote — and not just because It’s one of the few times I can exhibit my “I Voted Today” tattoo. (Kidding!)

    Seriously, let’s not forget to thank all of the unpaid volunteers who take on the unglamourous task of getting the vote collected — those good, civic- minded souls who spent their time sitting on folding chairs in drafty gymnasiums on one of the nicest days of the season.

    • Gloria, those aren’t volunteers. Nice people, but they are paid to work on Election Day.

      • Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

        Many thanks, John, for setting me and the record straight. You saved me from the indignity of perpetuating misinformation.

        And, thanks to the poll workers for all they do, regardless of compensation.

  8. So I got on line at my voting place- just me- no line! I hand my license to the poll sitter and say- I live on “such and such” Drive. He’s looking at my smiling happy picture on my license when he asks- What’s your name- I reply – Steve.No, he says- what’s your name- Oh- I respond– Stephen- S. T. E. P. H. E. N- spelling it out for him. No- he says- for the last time what’s your name! Now I’m feeling like I am in Mississippi and black and he is going to take my right to vote away from me!! I know I am older than my picture looks but it was taken only two years ago!!

    Now there is a line gathering behind me!! I say- What seems to be the problem- you do have my license . He says- how do I know you didn’t find this license in the parking lot – Just tell me your whole name!!! HMMMMM- it is my picture on the license. My whole name is Stephen Stein. He says That’s all I was asking!!

    Took me longer to get approved than to vote!!

  9. Well, it’s over and it’s just beginning.
    Think of these results as a wake-up call, a good old-fashioned kick in the pants.
    Have the signs disappeared yet?

    • No sadly the signs are still up. The promises that they would be removed are hollow. Par for the course on political campaigns.

  10. So Gloria, I’m with you; I didn’t realize that those who work at the polling locations are paid for their services and are not volunteers. If this is so, why can’t they be more pleasant? Over the years, my experience has been more like those of Steve, and I now make sure I’m in a position to vote “absentee”. What seems to be wrong with this picture?