Arm In Arm For ALS

Last Sunday, Sherwood Island State Park hosted an ALS Walk. Among the thousands of participants, 70 formed a special team.

Dottie Kyle’s husband Bob is a 1964 graduate of Staples High School. She has ALS — Lou Gehrig’s Disease — and the “Go Dottie Go!” team came from around the country to support her.

David Knapp is a longtime friend of the Kyle family, who lives near them in North Carolina. On his way to Westport, he realized  he had forgotten to raise any money for the event.

He quickly emailed some close friends. He promised that if he could raise $1,000 within the next 24 hours, he’d wear a tutu at the Walk.

He did, and he did. Here he is, with Dottie:

David Knapp and Dottie Kyle

Dottie is no slouch either. Since August of last year, her ALS has progressed from her chest and throat muscles to her legs.

But she wanted to be involved with her support group, so on Sunday Bobby pushed her in a wheelchair.

Twenty feet from the finish line she raised herself out of her chair, grabbed the arms of her daughter Krissy and son Brian, and walked over the finish line.

Dottie Krissy and Brian Kyle

They don’t call it the ALS “Walk” for nothing.



5 responses to “Arm In Arm For ALS

  1. Dottie is an amazing woman. She is inspiring everyone around her.

  2. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Yay, Dottie! You are wonderful, and a courageous woman. From another Staples 1964 grad.

  3. Pamela Betts Wirth—Dottie is one of the strongest women I know. Her determination to fight this disease is a lesson we all will learn. thanks Dottie 🙂

  4. Jim Kyle (Staples '59

    Hooray for my favorite sister-in-law

  5. Dottie I was fortunate to work and help your dad in his last few years, what I learned from your dad which I see in you is that he never gave up. You are one courageous lady just like your dad “Never give up”.