Compo Acres Construction To Be Halted

Equity One has heard the pleas of Compo Acres Shopping Center merchants.

They’ve agreed to a new construction schedule. The parking project and sidewalks are now slated to be completed by November 15 — if possible. The holiday season will not be impacted.

While it’s not a perfect solution — renovations on 2 storefronts will continue — it’s far better than the previous plan, which would have devastated merchants during the crucial holiday season.

Who says you can’t fight City Hall corporate America?

The sidewalk in front  of Compo Acres Shopping Center may soon be finished.

The sidewalk in front of Compo Acres Shopping Center may soon be finished.



10 responses to “Compo Acres Construction To Be Halted

  1. I would hardly call this shopping center an integral part to the Christmas shopping season. Equity 1, who wouldn’t risk profits,must have done a cost benefit analysis and came to the conclusion that construction wouldn’t have an impact. Shocking they caved.

  2. Excellent, Dan!
    Everyone should do as much Local holiday shopping (as you can) Especially–
    w Silvers this year ! They’ve been around when you all needed them– cool Suitcases for the whole Family!!

    KEEP it LOCAL!
    Betsy P Kahn

  3. Silver of Westport is a town treasure. I have long counted on its being there for me when I need to find wonderful gifts, and get them beautifully packaged with the store’s special wrappings, and it also has its uniquely handy magnifying glass with a light, interesting pocketbooks, luggage and such. I would not want the store to be forced out of business the way other local enterprises have been in the past.

  4. Dan- it is amazing what a truly uncensored but very public forum such as your blog can accomplish. The voice of the people can be heard on a wide variety of topics that affect us all. It is nice to see that on many of the problems you spotlight- from the plight of trees to construction of malls and recreational beach facilities – someone with responsibility for the project is listening and then acts accordingly and appropriately.

    Now if you can do something about the speeders, entitled parkers and texters …….

  5. Beth Berkowitz

    That’s a wonderful compromise. I think it’s great that they are doing improvements and they were willing to listen to concerns for the holiday season!!!

    I think everyone, even with different viewpoints, had very good points in their comments! I love that people can freely post their views here.

    Thank you! I do plan on continuing to support our local merchants by shopping there but also like the convenience of having some of the chains locally too. I think it is good to keep both.

  6. Great call Equity 1!!

  7. Way to go Equity One. In other good news, I understand that the company also plans to address the matter of the “tree volcano” around that magnificent sycamore tree which anchors the west end of its property
    (I believe Westport’s excellent new Tree Warden, Bruce Lindsey, politely reached out to EO this week). I frequent the businesses located in Compo Acres all the time but will make every effort to do more to help them. Thank you, Equity One for being so responsive.

  8. Once again, inaccurate reporting for self serving purposes. The parking lot work was always scheduled to be done in November. Anyone who has ever built anything knows winter is approaching and you cannot pave once the temp is below 40 degrees. Same goes for the storefront, if you talk to the tenants at the center, they are well aware that the section of the building from the future Chipotle down to the Patriot Bank was a “phase 1” that was scheduled to be done by end of the year. “Phase 2” would be from Chipotle down to Trader Joes and is happening when weather permits in 2015. It is easy to villainize someone without hearing their side of the story and then when you actually go and talk to them you find out there was nothing wrong in the first place. Great spin for the blog to try and show they accomplished something.

  9. Also, dont count on Silver’s being there forever. He has been trying to find someone to sub-lease his space for a year if not more. He just hired a new broker to market his sublease. So now he is looking to profit off of this supposed “evil” landlord that he got everyone hyped up about because he has a below-market lease which he can sub-lease to the national retailers we all claim to dislike and pocket the difference.Link below: