Pete Aitkin Buys A New Black Duck

If you know the Black Duck — and who doesn’t? — you know the popular riverfront barge/bar/restaurant/hangout shares a name with the Black Duck racing boat.

Owner Pete Aitkin just received his latest toy: a custom-built 30-foot twin 300-horse Merc speedboat.

Last night, the Duck docked at the Duck.

This morning, Pete pulled it out of the water at Compo. He’ll store it till next year.

The Black Duck, with Pete Aitken at the helm.

The Black Duck, with Pete Aitkin at the helm.

The Black Duck — food version — put Westport on the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” map.

The maritime Black Duck did the same for offshore boat racing.

Tutti’s, Tarantino’s, Tarry Lodge: Top that!

(Hat tip: Randy Chiristophersen)

8 responses to “Pete Aitkin Buys A New Black Duck

  1. Cheryl McKenna

    Love the duck and his cigarette racing boats !
    Just hope it doesn’t fall into the saugatuck river someday ? Is it a barge? Does he pay rent? What are the taxes on a property like this?

  2. @Cheryl
    On a barge on a barge. Go grab a lunch, the Duck history is on the menu. He owns da joint 😉 town website has the tax info.
    Get the steamers 😉

  3. Is the Black Duck in the linked-to article, New York’s “Rum Row” by Jim Merritt sub-titled, “Bootlegging on Long Island,” the origin of the restaurant?

  4. Dorothy Corona

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  5. I remember Peter tooling around the Mill Pond at Compo Cove in his speed boat. Or them jumping off the roof into the Mill Pond too. Those were the days.

  6. Once I was in a Donzi that raced Peter in his old Black Duck, the one with three Mercury outboards. We were doing better than 90mph and then he opened it up and blew us away, probably hit 120mph. THAT was a fast boat.

  7. I think 120 mph may be a bit fast. 120 is more like the gallons per hour of fuel.

  8. Terry brannigan

    Something tells me that is more than 90 hp!