Have You Seen This Man?

The Westport Police have released this photo of a suspect in a very scuzzy robbery Saturday:

Longshore suspect

On Saturday evening, a man took a birdcage containing an undetermined amount of wedding cards — with cash gifts — from a wedding reception at Longshore.

The man — who posed as a guest of the reception or hotel — loitered in the lobby, talking on the phone, before grabbing the birdcage and fleeing on foot from the Inn.

Police set up a perimeter and conducted a thorough search of the grounds, with the assistance of a Norwalk Police K-9. Only the empty birdcage was located.

The suspect is a white male 25 to 35 years of age, clean shaven, with light brown hair (close cropped). At the time of the incident he was dressed in grey slacks, a white or light gray shirt and white undershirt.

If you have information regarding the suspect, call Westport Police at 203-341-6000.



5 responses to “Have You Seen This Man?

  1. John Hartwell

    What a jerk.

  2. Chuck Haberstroh

    This was not the only theft at Longshore Park in recent weeks.

    We had 3 extra large coolers (full of drinks) stolen from behind the tennis pavillion after a fundraiser the night of Sept 18th for Longshore Golf Club (the Longshore Golf Gala). Two which were generously provided to us to use by Village Market in Wilton.

    One of the large white coolers had “VILLAGE MARKET” printed on the top/side, the second large cooler was plain white, and the third was a light blue cooler with wheels…

  3. Chances are the gifts were checks, all of which should have been cancelled immediately. The thief is not only a jerk he’s stupid too.

  4. He has seen Goodfellas too many times.

  5. This story just made it onto HLN today.
    And yes, if the gifts were cheques they are worthless to this guy.