And In More Shopping Center News…

It looks like the rumors are true.

Both Chipotle and SoulCycle are coming to Compo Acres Shopping Center.

In fact — according to Equity One’s site plan — they’re already there.

As shown below, SoulCycle is located next to Patriot National Bank, at the west end of the shopping center (furthest away from Trader Joe’s). Chipotle is 2 doors away.

Equity One

Equity One has become a big player on Westport’s commercial real estate scene.

The firm — which owns 135 properties, primarily in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and South Florida, and whose mission is to “develop, redevelop and invest in ‘A’ quality retail properties in the most desirable and productive urban markets in the United States” — already owns the Fresh Market shopping center, and the one across the Post Road (think Dunkin’ Donuts).

As “06880” reported yesterday, 4 of the 6 easternmost storefronts in the Fresh Market center are vacant. Nearby recently moved, too.

Sources say that Equity One hopes to demolish the old and the closed stores, and erect a new building.

Sources add that Equity One also has its eye on the Terrain property.

Now if they can only do something about that long-abandoned Westport House of Pancakes…

11 responses to “And In More Shopping Center News…

  1. It’s great to fill these shopping centers, but it’s too bad that Equity One is bringing in corporate, mass-market businesses that directly compete with locally owned shops such as JoyRide.

    • Lyla, as much as I hate the corporate gym- big box fitness industry(I was in it for years)— competition can improve a business or make it rise to the top… If Joyride is truly the great spin gym it says it is … Soul cycle won’t mean a thing…. And if you own retail space that is empty you want it filled… You can’t fault an owner for wanting his empty space.

  2. Well, something is going into the old IHOP; they have been gutting it out and doing a lot of work in there in the past month. Downtown rumor still has the Shakeshack moving in there.

    • I thought I saw what looked like pedicure chairs being delivered to the old IHOP when I was driving by a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Dear Equity One management,

    Regarding the Compo Acres Shopping Center; in addition to owning the structures and site fixtures contained thereon, you also “own” one of the largest Sycamore trees in the Town of Westport (at corner of Route 1 and Compo South). Unfortunately, this magnificent tree is presently endangered owing to improper care by ignorant landscapers – paid by you. To wit: your landscapers have covered the root flare at the base of the tree with mounds of mulch (aka “tree volcanoes”). By effectively raising the grade at the base of the tree you have set in motion the process by which the tree will eventually die – by growing roots around its trunk in the aforementioned improperly applied mulch and therefore girdling itself. I am glad that you consider Westport a good place to invest and would therefore encourage you to take this opportunity to exhibit appropriate stewardship of this remarkable, high visibility, living thing that so prominently anchors the corner of your property. Please ask a licensed arborist (it is illegal in the State of Connecticut for unlicensed individuals to apply or do anything for the care of a tree) to immediately remove the mulch and restore the grade. If you have any questions about this matter you should feel free to contact our Tree Warden.

  4. Wendy Crowther

    Beneath that mulch volcano they might find the remnants of the wonderful, old, hand-lettered, Compo Acres Shopping Center sign (the one shaped like an artist’s palette) that had pleasantly welcomed shoppers to the Center for umpteen years before Equity One bought the place. Let’s hope Equity One dumps the mulch as fast as they threw that iconic sign into the dumpster. I guess the sign was far too quaint for an ‘A’ quality retail property looking for ‘A’ quality shoppers.

  5. Hmm. So you’ve got a cycling venue cheek-to-cheek with a pet store and a bank. How is the sound insulation in this complex?

  6. Good point about that campy sign, Wendy. I actually miss it too. Which probably means neither of us make the grade as an “A” quality shoppers.

  7. Pedicures and indoor fitness is baffling.
    Run, walk, cycle outdoors. Or are people afraid of wind and rain?
    Or, is that where Westport went wrong?

    Save the Sycamore.

  8. Naomi M Weingart

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a conventional supermarket somewhere between our Stop and Shop that is almost in Fairfield and the Shop Rite that is almost in Darien. Sometimes we just need some aluminum foil or Diet Coke.

    • Naomi, you’ve got something really better than most towns in CT. You have Trader Joe’s. Wish we had one up here in Westbrook….