How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Beachfront Restaurant In Westport?

$2 million.

That’s the price “233 LLC” recently paid “Beachhouse LLC” for the property at 233 Hillspoint Road — aka Positano’s.

If the rumors that the waterfront restaurant will be turned into a private home are true, it will mark the 1st new residence on that stretch of Hillspoint Road since the pavilion on Schlaet’s Point was demolished 3 decades ago.

Positano's, on Hillspoint Road near Elvira's, may soon go the way...

Positano’s, on Hillspoint Road near Elvira’s, may soon go the way…


...of the old pavilion at Schlaet's Point, just around the curve closer to Soundview Drive.

…of the old pavilion at Schlaet’s Point, just around the curve close to Soundview Drive.


8 responses to “How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Beachfront Restaurant In Westport?

  1. Great photo, Dan 🙂

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, I don’t remember the pavilion on Schlaet’s Point. So, it was demo’d in early 1980’s then?
    Would be fun to see a variety of pics of it! When was this black and white taken?

  3. Diane h silfen

    The bath house was damaged in a fire I believe the summer of 72 . I was living on Compo Cove and watched it. I don’t know if it was ever fixed. It is a beautiful picture thanks for posting it.

  4. The photo I posted is from very early in the 20th century. It looked different around the time Diane refers to.

  5. The Schlaet estate was 52 acres. Incredible gardens. There are pictures if you google Arnold Schlaet.

  6. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Knew the estate well when Nancy Black (Chock Full ‘
    O Nuts coffee) lived there in the 60’s & 70’s…good friend of my mom’s. There was a bowling alley in the basement of the house and the pavilion on the water was as beautiful. By that time some of the property had been sold off for the houses on Hillspoint Rd From Schlaet’s Point to Old Mill.

  7. I love the historic photos and posts about Westport. It’s always been such a beautiful town with the same feeling to it no matter what decade it is.

  8. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I remember driving by that pavilion when I was a kid. Don’t remember it at all in the 60s or early 70s. If it was there then, I used to drive by it every day when I went to work at Chubby’s at Compo in the summer of ’67.