Downtown Trees: The Sequel

This morning’s post warned that some beloved trees may soon disappear from downtown.

To everything there is a season, and all that. In a nearby location, 9 new trees will soon provide beauty and shade.

The Westport Tree Board has announced a “Memorial Tree Program” for Veterans Green. Trees may be purchased to honor — here’s the tie-in — veterans, for their service to our country.

New trees will join old on Veterans Green.

New trees will join old on Veterans Green.

A donation of $2,000 includes the cost and planting of the tree, 5 years of maintenance, and a 4 inch-by-8 inch commemorative plaque.

Nine spots have been chosen, on a first-come, first-served basis. The size and species of each tree will be determined by the tree warden.

Applications are available in the Town Clerk’s and Public Works department offices, up the hill from the green in Town Hall. They’re also at the Parks & Rec office at Longshore. For more information, call 203-341-1134, or email

Deadline for full payment is October 20. Just in time for Veteran’s Day.

2 responses to “Downtown Trees: The Sequel

  1. Though well intentioned I think this is a flawed idea. That green is dedicated to all our Veterans. Not sure we should be selling some special recognition to the 9 highest bidders. Especially when there are combat wounded veterans of Viet Nam still living here in Town. Also, WW II airmen like Ted Diamond and the late Ned Dimes who survived against tremendous odds. Can’t help but think of Westport’s 3 Wassell brothers, who made the ultimate sacrifice in that same War. The families of a lot of our WWII dead (Cuseo, Lauterbach Wanat) still live here. . I think John “jr” Beijing who won a Silver Star in Korea,. Tim Barmmer who gave his life in Viet Nam to save others in his platoon.
    If we need $18,000 for trees lets raise this money without selling the Green to 9 people for whom $2,000 is drop in the bucket.
    Sending my donation to the Tree Board now!

  2. Wendy Crowther

    In 2003, via a program run by the Tree Board at that time, I purchased a tree in honor of my family. It was planted in Winslow Park and it still survives there today. No plaques were permitted then. Certificates were given to donors acknowledging their donation, and the same was acknowledged in a “Give-A-Tree Register” that was to be kept at the Westport Library. The donation included the tree, the planting, and a two year guarantee. Certain species were offered at different donation levels. The costs were $250, $500 or $1000 – most were in the $250 category, only two species cost $1000.

    Ten years has bumped up that price considerably – although the guarantee is longer and the plaque adds to the cost. Though the donation program is well-intentioned, Bob Grant does make a good point. Perhaps consideration should be given to the former Tree Board’s program – one that could still honor a veteran, beautify the Green, but do so in a more anonymous way.