Shooting In The 80s

Every Tuesday morning, from April through October, members of the Longshore Women’s Golf Association play some very competitive rounds.

What makes this “06880”-worthy is this number: 80.

That’s not the average score. It’s the low end of the age range of several of the most ardent golfers.

Caryl Beatus shows up rain or shine. A founder of the LWGA in 1960, she’s been a stalwart player for the past 54 years.

She’s not the only octogenarian. At 89, Anne Krygier still pushes her cart nearly every Tuesday.

Anne Krygier (left) and Caryl Beatus, enjoying another day on the links.

Anne Krygier (left) and Caryl Beatus, enjoying another day on the links.

Dee Andrian — like Anne a lefty and push-cart devotee — is there too. So is Joan Moen, the 1st to volunteer for any task; Barbara Rose, the founder of the Sea Squirts summer program, and Dottie Myers.

They don’t shoot their age — but then again, who does?

The women enjoy the competition and camaraderie of the LWGA, They join younger members in weekly tournaments, and 4 major championships. They have particularly enjoyed this year, when the Longshore course has been rejuvenated under ValleyCrest Landscape and superintendent Ryan Segrue.

The LWGA ends its season with a banquet this month at the Red Barn. After which the 80-something golfers will immediately begin planning for next year.

(Hat tip to Topsy Siderowf, LWGA vice president.)

3 responses to “Shooting In The 80s

  1. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    When I was in high school in the 60’s I played with the Longshore Ladies during the summers. They were fantastic to me and nurtured me and my golf. I remember Mary Mogren, Barbara Young, Beryl Buck, Betty Enright, Mimi Levitt, Joan Moen and so many more. I loved playing Longshore and the ladies were a lot of fun.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Hats off to all of you ladies !!!!

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    My mother played with these ladies for a few years after she retired from Wake, See & Dimes law firm. She loved it and was a pretty good golfer for one who took it up in her 50s. Unfortunately, cancer took her way too soon and she was unable to play the last years of her life.