Check Out These Robots!

The Westport Library long ago branched out from books, newspapers and magazines.

From a fantastic art collection to DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays, to a cutting-edge Maker space and 3D printer, our li’l ol’ library has served a broad range of interests, tastes and technologies.

Get ready now for robots.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that library officials have acquired a pair of humanoid NAO Evolution robots. The main object is to teach “the kind of coding and computer programming skills required to animate such machines.”

One of the Westport library's new robots. (Photo/Danny Ghitis for the Wall Street Journal)

One of the Westport library’s new robots. (Photo/Danny Ghitis for the Wall Street Journal)

Westport, the WSJ says, is the first public library in the nation to offer instruction using “sophisticated humanoid bots made by the French robotics firm Aldebaran.”

According to library director Maxine Bleiweis, robotics is the next big technology — so it should be made accessible to everyone, to learn about it.

Bleiweis adds that from economic and job development perspectives, this is an important step.

The library will debut the robots October 11, with programs and workshops to follow.

Unless the robots have other ideas.

(Click on the full Wall Street Journal story.)

5 responses to “Check Out These Robots!

  1. So many library materials now. Information in all formats.
    Remember books.

  2. p.s. do the robots take on story times as well?

  3. Maxine Bleiweis

    Nancy, the focus will be on teaching people of all ages about robotics so they will be familiar with this new technology. The emphasis will be on people learning in a safe environment with no tuition and no grades!

    Our staff are busy learning and excited to share this new information. Stop by!

    • Hi Maxine, I’m actually amazed (not critical) about the routes public libraries have taken over the years, having to keep up with information on all levels.
      (Gosh, I remember being a bit shocked when videos made it onto the shelves!)
      Now, we have libraries packed with knowledge in all forms, including proper theatres for author visits, community meetings, and even productions.

      I’m so pleased to see more and more public libraries taking a rightful place in the heart of communities, big and small, working hard to supply what matters: information, exceptional service, entertainment, even refuge.
      I suppose my concern will always be for the small town library, that which is last in line for funding. I’ve seen and worked in a few.

      Your robotics program sounds fascinating, and so does your staff!
      Westport is fortunate to be able to fund so many library programs.


  4. Sarah Marie Loupe

    Congratulations for brave, innovative thinking, to the staff of Westport Library!