It’s Official: New Y Opens On October 6

The original proposal came around the turn of the century. The groundbreaking was 18 months ago. The ribbon-cutting was last month.

Now, finally — with unanimous approval from Westport’s Water Pollution Control Authority (aka the Board of Selectmen) — the Westport Family Y will get a Certificate of Occupancy.

At 5:30 a.m. on Monday, October 6, the new facility at Mahackeno will officially open.

The view of the new Y, from Mahackeno.

The view of the new Y, from Mahackeno.

Y officials originally thought they’d open around Labor Day. The delay involved approval of the private on-site waste-water disposal system.

So — less than 2 weeks from today — downtown will suddenly become less congested. Parking spots will open up on Church Lane and off Elm Street.

There’s plenty of room at the new Y, on Allen Raymond Lane (formerly Sunny Lane).

As for traffic on Wilton Road: We shall see.

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