Help Pours In For Vera Mercer

On August 27, Vera Mercer was a passenger in a car. A friend from childhood — Gwendolyn Buskie — was driving Vera to Bridgeport Hospital for a C-section.

On I-95 in New Haven, they were struck by a tractor trailer, and pushed into the back of another truck. Gwendolyn was killed. Vera — a 1991 graduate of Staples High School — sustained major injuries to her brain and other internal organs.

She survived 3 surgeries that day. One was an emergency delivery of 7 pound, 4 ounce Camryn Faith.

Nearly a month later, Vera remains in the ICU. She is improving, but faces a long road to recovery. She still cannot speak.

Vera Mercer

Vera Mercer

Vera’s mother lives with the family. She suffers from dementia and other ailments requiring round-the-clock supervision. Vera had been her primary caretaker.

Vera’s friends — including many Staples classmates — are raising funds for Vera, via GoFundMe. They’ll help pay rent and utilities, and child and daycare for her 11-year-old son Christian and newborn Camryn (who has yet to meet her mother).

In the 1st 2 days since the fund started, over $7,000 was raised. Staples’ Class of ’91 is helping pass the word.

“06880” is proud to do the same.

(For more information, and to donate money to Vera Mercer, click

3 responses to “Help Pours In For Vera Mercer

  1. Thank you, Dan, for sharing this. I did contribute.

  2. I just sent a contribution. This is such a sad story of two young women in their prime of life. A blessing her baby survived – something good in this horror.

  3. Hopefully help will continue to pour in for Vera and her family…we just contributed. If you hear anything about Vera’s progress please update us!