Paying It Forward At Fenway

In the 4th inning last Friday in Boston, Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez handed a foul ball to a 12-year-old boy. He immediately gave it to a little girl in the row behind.

The girl was surprised. Her mother was stunned.

Announcers Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy sprang into action. They dispatched reporter Gary Striewski to the stands. He gave the boy 2 baseballs and a gift bag, and got an interview in return.

The video went viral, on, Yahoo Sports, Huffington Post and many other sites.

The generous lad is Ryan Gans. His aunt — Jennifer Gans Blankfein — lives in Westport. His grandparents are Linda and Lanny Gans, 40-plus-year residents of Weston.

Ryan’s father — Jen’s brother Bob Gans — played baseball at Weston High. He’s coached Ryan’s baseball team in Potomac, Maryland, where they now live.

Clearly, the Gans family has taught Ryan some great manners. As well as plenty of poise, for when he’s interviewed on TV.

(Hat tip to Betsy Pollak)

3 responses to “Paying It Forward At Fenway

  1. What a fantastic thing to post. That it shares DNA with one of our own is even better.
    Sandy Lefkowitz

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    This is pure awesomeness!

  3. Very sweet, indeed. Yet, I like the boy who gave away his decoy game ball to the blonde twenty-something behind him! Clever kids.