Even At Chill Burying Hill…

…someone felt the need today to save a parking spot.

(Photo/Christine Cullen)

(Photo/Christine Cullen)

Note to Very Entitled Beachgoer:

This is Burying Hill. It’s a teeny tiny beach. Even on the hottest days, there are parking spots available.

But this is September 7. Check out the photo.

Put the beach chair on the sand, where it belongs. You’ve got plenty of room.


11 responses to “Even At Chill Burying Hill…

  1. Shhh…don’t tell the Compo Beach Improvement Committee about Burying Hill, or they might try to get rid of the perimeter parking there too (oh wait, that’s pretty much the whole lot).

  2. Very funny Dan 😉

  3. Laurey Tussing

    Reminds me of Chicago neighborhoods in the winter! Chairs, plants, dressers, drawers….anything to save a spot!

  4. Nancy Powers Conklin

    That is a gorgeous photo, Dan. Look at the blue sky and white puffy clouds! It is beautiful!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh, for Pete’s sake. Really?

  6. Michelle Benner

    That’s so funny. Lonely green chair, probably wondering why it has to be stuck out there on the asphalt instead of over on the beach with everyone else enjoying the warm sand and sun. Hang in there little buddy!

  7. Had I saw that in person, I would have politely moved the chair back onto the beach and parked in that spot! No doubt about it! So getting tired of other peoples inconsiderate behavior!

  8. Sweet! 🙂 Love the photo though– that’s a gorgeous late summer Westport beach day that I remember from long ago. Those shorelines are unmistakable. Brings me back to childhood days in an instant.

  9. On the other hand, the chair is “parked” very nicely between the lines….around here, the chair could easily have blocked more than one space 🙂

  10. Stephanie Bass

    ..they forgot to put a towel on the beach chair so no one would sit on the chair for the entire day…