Main Street Mystery

For several months, I’ve seen a car parked half on the sidewalk, half on Main Street, opposite Washington Avenue.

Main Street collage

At first I thought it was random. Now I’m certain it’s deliberate.

I can’t figure out why. There are driveways behind every home and office on that stretch of road, headed from Crossroads Hardware into downtown.

And no one else parks like that anywhere near there. So whoever does this must realize it’s wrong.

I know, there’s not much traffic on that sidewalk.

But there sure is on Main Street.

“06880” covers a lot of bad, entitled parking in Westport. Yet those are one-offs. This happens every day.

Does anyone know why?

21 responses to “Main Street Mystery

  1. Just wondering — maybe a home healthcare worker or other service person who doesn’t want to block the actual driveway? In general though your “entitlement” parking shots are amazing!!

  2. I don’t know for sure, but I’m leaning towards either STWDS (Serial Texting Whilst Driving Syndrome) or ILFWSWEAIMTAMM-US (I’m Late For Work So When Else Am I Meant To Apply My Eye Make-Up Syndrome). Research tell us that both illnesses result in irrational parking decisions, brought on by the increasingly common, especially virulent, Maldriving Westportitis.

  3. Bob Fatherley

    Dan: Suggest you forward this to the Westport Policy.

  4. Nancy W Hunter

    Mais oui. A vicious circle, indeed.

  5. Why?
    Because it never gets ticketed !
    DUH 🙂

  6. Your comment is “Nasty” in its own way.

  7. I’ll take a stab at the mystery: the owner of the vehicle is parking in this location because he or she is walking in the adjacent protected open space which is owned by the Land Trust – notwithstanding the fact that (I think) there is no parking allowed in the area in question, this is perhaps the most rational place to park if one wished to enter the area in question.

  8. Nancy W Hunter

    Now, perhaps, the circle has been broken (I wish).
    Why is it that logic takes a back seat in such a well regarded place as Monaco — or is it Westport?

  9. And if “Bonne Homie” is your real name, you parents have one hell of a sense of humour.

  10. Dan, come on, “Bonne Homie” clearly isn’t a real name. Why do the rules only apply in “some” cases?

    • Because I had a lot to do last night, and missed this one. Monitoring comments for people who evade the rules and don’t use their real names takes a ton of time. This one slipped past me. I’m deleting it. But “Bonne Homie” blasted me in the comments, so I hardly see why you’re upset that I did not delete it.

  11. I honestly am getting really tired of all the whining in town about the way people park. Ok, it’s not right but given everything else going on in the world and in our lives, does it really matter? You can’t really change the way people act – a ticket here or there is not going to do much and you certainly don’t know the circumstances that are causing people to park in a way that does not make sense to you . For all of you who post regularly about this, you should refocus your attention and effort on something more important – either in your own lives or in helping to better the lives of others. This is nonsense in the grand scheme. It’s exhausting to read about this and see the pictures that people take. Focus on your family, your friends, and your health – not this. Seriously, enough.

    • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

      Jay… True enough, lets just let everyone run free and not feel any responsibility to being good members of civilized society… Laws are written to be broken. Right On Brother.

      • Not saying everyone can/should run free. I am just saying that we elect and appoint officials to take care of this sort of thing. It’s not your job or responsibility to police others. Take note if you need to and move on. Focus your attention on what’s going on in your life and the lives of your children. Taking time to snap a picture, post it somewhere and complain doesn’t solve the problem or make anyone’s life better.

    • Nancy W Hunter

      Sadly, Jay you are wasting your breath. 06880 parking posts have been my pet peeve also, having commented many times in a similar tone as you. It seems that too many are law-and-order buffs, have too much time on their hands, or perhaps enjoy bullying.
      I try to ignore the parking posts now simply because they are, as you wrote, “exhausting”. I’ve also learned (finally) that commenting on a blog often means that you are speaking to deaf, stubborn, “entitled” (though this connection has still not been understood) ears. You can waste a lot of time explaining your point only to be fed to the wolves of Westport.

      Escape this vicious circle and stick to the history posts, where you’ll find open minds.

      p.s. avoid healthcare posts at all costs (ha! Is that a pun?)

  12. So, did anybody figure out whose car it is and why it’s parked there which is the whole point of this story?