Thankful For Trees

The driver of a Toyota Camry is thankful for the bank of trees bordering the Saugatuck River, at the Westport Library riverwalk. They kept her from plunging into the water, after she lost control of her vehicle in the upper parking lot.

(Photo/Susan Holden)

(Photo/Susan Holden)

Fortunately, the driver was not injured.

7 responses to “Thankful For Trees

  1. …as well as anyone else!

  2. Sharon Paulsen


    (Guess this one doesn’t fall under the “entitled parking” category)

  3. Stephanie Bass

    Good save. This woman must have great karma.

  4. The ole gas pedal brake pedal mix up ? Guessing a senor. Glad no bystanders one got hurt.

  5. Laurey Tussing

    From the upper parking lot? Unbelievable. Glad no one was hurt.

  6. Today Parks and Rec tested out its new invasive tree remover – with mixed results.

    • Jocelyn Barandiaran

      Morley, I don’t know you, but your captions almost always make me chuckle. Thank you for the smiles. Keep ’em coming.