Westport Wins “Fan Favorite Town” Award

Forget CNN Money‘s “50 Best Small Towns” in America, and their “Top 10 Earning Towns.”  Those are as ridiculous as Newsweek’s rankings of high schools, which give points for the number of kids who take AP tests — whether they pass them or not.

But the Connecticut Fan-Favorite Town of the Year. Now that’s an honor.

And of course, Westport won it. You think I’d write about it if we were 12th?

The contest was organized by the Connecticut Office of Tourism. First Selectman Jim Marpe accepted the award on FOX CT this morning.

A video created by 5th graders Clara Holleman, Sydney Newman and Sutton Lindau, and taped and edited by recent Staples grad Claudine Brantley, helped drive votes. So did posts on the town’s social media sites, as well as (I like to think) a piece about the contest on “06880.”

As winner, Westport receives:

  • Advertising support from the Connecticut Office of Tourism
  • National and in-state public relations support
  • Editorial feature in the 2015 Official Connecticut Visitor’s Guide
  • Week-long social media feature across the Connecticut Office of Tourism’s social channels
  • And, of course, a plaque.

PS: Compo Beach was chosen as the most popular destination within Westport. They needed a contest to figure that out?

7 responses to “Westport Wins “Fan Favorite Town” Award

  1. Great job by all involved in making this 🙂

  2. Really Compo popular just the way it is? Just show’s that we do not need a study for every little project to tell us what we already know about our town!

  3. Nancy W Hunter

    (R)revolutionary. Kudos to the kids. What town was the runner-up?
    What town came in 12th?

  4. Armelle Daniels

    Such a great video! Well done girls!

  5. Juliana Fulbright

    I grew up here and I hate this town now.. JF

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    I could’ve bought out my mother when she retired to FL and lived here cheap in ’87. Guess I’m the horse’s ass. The only people my age who gripe about Westport are the ones who can’t afford to live there. But if they could, they probably wouldn’t want to.

  7. I sure hope these girls got lots and LOTS of ice cream for their efforts! Congratulations on a terrific effort.