Meet The Amazing Woman Around Whom Our Entire Universe Revolves

The 1st reaction to many “06880” entitled-parking photos is: “WTF?”

The 2nd is: “Where are the cops?”

Often, they’re powerless. They can’t intervene in private lots.

But Parker Harding Plaza is town-owned. Alert “06880” reader Amy Swanson captured this scene yesterday, around 3 pm:

Parking Parker Harding

Amy explains:

The woman in the Volvo decided her needs were more pressing than the owners of the 3 cars she blocked in, and left her car there for at least 10-15 minutes. Here she is trying to explain her way out of it.

One of the blocked drivers leaned into the car and said, “It’s people like you who give this town a bad name!”

In fact, there is a name for people like the Volvo driver. Too bad I can’t print it — this is a family-friendly blog.

But if you’ve got a non-X-rated word or two to describe people like her, click “Comments.” We’re all ears.

55 responses to “Meet The Amazing Woman Around Whom Our Entire Universe Revolves

  1. Michael Beecher

    Nothing like a good public shaming. Someone should trace her tag number and send her a copy of all the comments from this page!

  2. Mark Demmerle

    The word you’re looking for is #! $@!$&.

  3. This is a classic example of an empty headed self entitled, “the World revolves around me” individual. Have some common sense and be just a little more thoughtful of others. What would have happened if one of those people blocked in had a family member that was suddenly injured, or a child or significant other in need of help…all because your needs at Potterybarn or some other Main Street retailer was the most important thing on your mind!
    Idiotic and outright rude and selfish behavior! Shame on you!

  4. Laurie Goldberg

    I see the police in the picture. Surely they can have issued a ticket, hopefully a nice big fat one. I really can’t understand how anyone can be THAT clueless?

  5. Randy Cassingham, who writes the newsletter ‘This is True’ , has coined a lovely term for this sort of person: ‘OBLIVIOT’

  6. Jill Christerson-Lundgren


  7. Holly Wheeler

    Thoughtless. Inconsiderate. The printable words.
    Nice catch Amy.

    • Thanks Holly! Just could not believe what I was seeing!

      • Holly Wheeler

        Amy, you almost started Westport’s WWW-whatever number is next (Westport’s World War) with your photo.

        • Obviously it’s a hot topic. Not because it’s a parking inconvenience, but because it touches the deeper, more worrying issues of entitlement and selfishness. When spotted, I think we need to try to call it out and nail it everytime. For ‘world issues’ I go to the BBC; for local Westport issues, it’s this blog. No question.

  8. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    Rob got it! ‘Self-centered-ass-hat-wearing-twit’ works also

  9. Ellen Wentworth

    Lucky that no one keyed it!😉

  10. Ashley Messina

    This woman had a broken foot and was returning a rather large rug to one of the stores she was parked in front of. Granted, she did forget she had left her car idling for ten minutes, however she was polite and apologetic, and rather embarssed about the whole incident. She did receive a ticket.

    • Holly Wheeler

      If you were the one she blocked for 10 minutes, and you had to pick up a child at elementary school, or had a doctors appt, or had to catch a train, would you have been so sympathetic? Did she even have her flashers on? Did she ask the store folks to help her get the rug and then return to the car to wait for them to do so? She might also have stayed in the car and phoned for them to come out and help. Jes sayin.

    • Jack Whittle

      Having been on crutches for a year and then walking with a cane for time afterwords due to a shattered heel and broken ankle, I would never think to pull such a stunt based on my infirmity. What she should have done was (1) park appropriately in a parking SPOT, (2) walk into said store using crutches or cane (if she truly had a broken foot she would be on one or the other), and then (3) kindly ask someone in said store to come out to her car and retrieve the rug for her. Or call ahead and arrange to be met at the curb by someone from the store, and then follow steps (1) and (2) above.

  11. Maybe she comes from Southie, in Boston. Everyone double parks there.

  12. The ENTITLED westporter!

  13. Dawn Sullivan

    I was the owner of one of the blocked cars. It was most aggravating, and the blocked situation was more like 20 minutes. More upsetting was the way the owner of the double-parked car assailed our police officer, taking the offensive towards him before she rudely addressed those of us whom she had blocked in. By the way, it was not I who criticized her – too chicken here, and that’s not my way. I have lived in Westport since 1980….this was a complete outlier for me, and in no way represents the good character of this wonderful town. Yes it was rude, and yes we need more parking, and yes, the police were classy. However, it’s high summer, so I’m moving on!

  14. armelle daniels

    She made a mistake. I would have been furious too if I had been blocked, but I also know I make mistakes everyday as well (though not parking anymore, ha!). She got a ticket, she got shamed… it’s time to move on.

  15. Robert Fatherley

    Words can never explain what a selfish personality like this is all about.

    I continue to be amazed by audacity such as this….Thanks for catching her in her act of thoughtlessness…..Julie Fatherley

  16. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    I agree with armelle daniels. This was hardly a tragedy.
    Read the news and you’ll find real tragedy.

    – Nancy Hunter Wilson

  17. Wanda Tedesco

    They do because they can and usually get away with it. This woman was not so lucky. Did she get a ticket?

  18. Matt Murray

    What proof is there that she is a Westport resident? Yes, she is an asshat, but I don’t think we can identify where she lives. Our surrounding towns have inconsiderate residents, too. I agree with others: park, hobble in to the store and get help. Mind you this is the store that blocks off multiple spaces for deliveries, while the commercial loading zone remains empty (that non commercial vehicles cannot use).

  19. Blair Satter

    Did she get a ticket? And if so how much was it?

  20. Charlie Taylor

    She likely explained it away with ” Is It Sooo Wroooonnnnggggg”!

  21. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    WHO CARES? If this continues to be Westport’s biggest problem, then I feel sad for all of you.
    Do you realize how ENTITLED you, yourselves, sound with this nonsense?

    Pay attention to the REAL problems. Help keep Westport’s history, rather than simply taking advantage of its locale. GO to the meetings and MAKE the changes you want. Grow up and lose the smiley faces.

    – Nancy Hunter Wilson

    • Jack Whittle

      I kinda go to meetings . . . (Resisting smiley face urge)

      • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

        Wrong answer.

        • Jack Whittle

          Not sure how I failed your “get involved and try to help keep Westport’s history intact” test, but now I’ve got to throw one of these out there 🙂

          • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

            So sad.

            • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

              Nancy…time to have your meds checked, seem a little out of balance.

              • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

                Gee Bruce, no sense of humour – I mean humor? You seem like the smiley face kind of guy.

                • Jack Whittle

                  So Nancy, please enlighten us on the ways in which YOU are going to meetings or otherwise involved so that you are making changes you want?

                  What you don’t know, and apparently haven’t bothered to find out, is that a good number of the people on this blog are involved and helping to keep Westport’s history and character intact. I also happen to think that making articulate points here about real quality of life issues in our town counts as some level of involvement, since elected officials do pay attention to this blog – I know I do 😉

                  • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

                    I wish I was there to go to meetings, but I have my own town’s meetings to attend. I believe that, in the past, I have, articulately, explained our health care system to those interested here on the blog. I am also interested in Westport’s tree management, as that is also a great concern where I live. Likewise, the preservation of historic character (thanks to Mr. Boyd for keeping me updated on Westport’s situation).
                    I have given money to the Staples Tuition Fund ( and to this blog as well).

                    I just get so infuriated with the silly issues (i.e. parking), issues (and comments) I must learn to ignore as they become a drag on time and energy. I’m always surprised to see more comments on such “problems” than on the serious problems.

                    It’s good to know that you go to meetings to voice your concerns and solutions. My “joke” had to do with the sophomoric, but popular, smiley face icon.
                    (I was once warned that humour/sarcasm doesn’t transfer well over the internet, and no it doesn’t). To each his/her own, then.

                    Anyway, thanks for listening. I’m really not as bad as I may sometimes “sound”.

                    – Nancy Hunter Wilson (who obviously cares about Westport, or would not bother to spend any time here).

                    p.s. NHWM is a solution to the silly, long going confusion/complaint regarding Westport’s Nancy Wilson (and son Hunter). Now that really is humorous!

  22. Michele blanchard

    “Entitled”, comes to mind….

  23. Carl Downing

    Not hunter Wilson’s mom is spot on. Your upset about an illegally parked car? Did you hear any international news today?

  24. Jamie Walsh

    Maybe if people where less self centered, more respectful of others and a little more tolerant in general…they would not be blowing planes out of the sky and killing each other all over the Middle East. No matter how micro or macro the issue maybe…the basic fundamentals are the same. Respect, a little tolerance, and consideration of others applies to everything…no matter if it’s Westport or The World! After all …isn’t this “Where Westport meets the World”!

    • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

      Westport is NOT the centre of the world.
      Promise no more parking complaints?

    • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

      Jamie… I agree.

    • Holly Allen

      EXACTLY!!! Charity does indeed begin at home. Be respectful and curteous of others, enjoy every single one of these beautiful days we’ve been having. Freezing cold is just around the corner.
      I wonder why this broad couldn’t wait until her foot healed to return her rug?

  25. Sharon Paulsen

    Yes, international news, totally, Carl!
    Let’s all imagine living in the Ukraine region, and, if you’re fortunate enough to have a car, try parking it illegally anywhere out there. I imagine that Siberia (if they remain Russian bound as a nation), would straighten your momentary “entitlement ooops” right out of the ballpark.
    We are so fortunate to live here in the US of A! So, while these lousy parker’s may ruffle our feathers now and again, (with no excuse to be sure), let’s just enjoy the fact that no one will be sent into exile or tortuous conditions because of it. (Chill out any angry haters out there – I know my comment could become bait for fodder. Just agreeing with the angle of perspective, relative to our lives here vs elsewhere).
    Seriously, anyONE of us could die in a plane crash tomorrow, anywhere … so, what IS actually important to us at this very moment? Inconvenience? Being late? Having to wait? Maybe the delay in leaving a parking spot sooner would have helped in avoiding a potential traffic accident looming in the wings?
    All depth and ponderings aside, this was still a terrific post – just look at all the reactive replies! Including my own. Dan, keep on keeping on!

  26. Not Hunter Wilson Mother…whoever you really are…missed the point…obviously we are not the centre or center of the world…that basically was part of my point! People need to be a little more considerate of others.

    • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

      Well said. Yet, there is always confusion about the facts concerning the parking issues. Always people assuming this or that. How does one sleep soundly with these questions floating in their heads? When will the parking complaints finally take second stage to the more urgent issues at hand is my question.

      – Nancy Hunter Wilson

    • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

      p.s. I live in a different part of the world from you, but assumed that remarks to “Where Westport meets the world” would be tolerated.

  27. What is being missed here by some, especially from NHWM, is from the old adage “charity begins at home.” What bugs the good people of Westport is the infiltration of the callous attitude of entitlement into their town which shows in in many forms — dangerous driving and more which also pervades the world all the way to bombing planes out of the sky. Talk about entitlement. Obviously a vastly different degree but selfishness is selfishness large and small. Good people are made in the homes and around dinner tables — you miss out on those opportunities, you have entitled people who do all kinds of things from not caring that they block other people in which is really at the very least, unthoughtful and unneighborly to terrorizing others in murderous ways. People have a right to vent on what seems to be a growing problem in their home town, entitled behaviors. Really kind entitled to call other people’s concerns not important on a hometown blog. The woman did need to be called out — sorry or not. People need to think about others more than they do in general and not be self-centered. Agree with Jamie. Charity starts at home and how you heal the world — family by family, town by town. I like Dan’s parking stories and not shy to say so.

  28. Denise Torve

    I hope this “me me me” lady was given a very costly ticket. No excuse for such thoughtless, selfish behavior.

  29. Cathy Smith Barnett SHS '66

    Okay…some of us live in Westport, some of us live elsewhere and I’m sure all of us know about what’s going on in the rest of the world. Dan has this blog to let us all bitch and moan as well as reflect on the beauty and wonder of Westport. We all need to let off a little steam about these selfish and brainless people who make our day miserable. Some really good things were said in this post from “Charity begins at home” and Holly Wheeler’s comment about calling in advance on a cell phone to “let the store know I’m coming with a big heavy rug and a broken foot and I need assistance please!” Anyway it helps to get it out there and not hold it in.

  30. Holly Wheeler

    Just wondering how she got the rug in the car in the first place.

  31. Sandy Soennichsen

    Parking is such an issue in town, granted not of international import but it borders on the ridiculous and greatly demonstrates the entitlement syndrome. People don’t use turn signals, they don’t fully stop at stop signs, they still turn right even if there is a sign there saying you can’t, they don’t know how to parallel park, they are still with their cell phones in hand, EVEN when attempting to parallel park, and my biggy which I think shows a lot of rudeness and can be dangerous, there are so many people downtown on Main St. making u-turns. C’mon,all the other cars have to stop for you on that narrow street? It’s that “no problem I am entitled to do it” attitude that really bothers me. So jam up a driving lane to unload a carpet? Hey, why not.