Compo Beach — Or Compo “Park”?

If you’ve lived in Westport for more than, say, 6 hours, the reference is clear. “Compo” is “the beach.” “The beach” is “Compo.”

Apparently, AKRF and Lothrop Associates have not lived here for more than 6 hours.

They’re the consultants to the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee. Yet even though “beach” is right there in the title, the consultants’ report frequently refers to the beach as a “park.”

With lifeguards, sand and plenty of water, Compo is a beach.

With lifeguards, sand and plenty of water, Compo is a beach.

The Executive Summary on Page 1 says: “The Compo Beach Master Plan … is intended to serve as a ‘blueprint’ for future improvements to the park.”

The “park” is referenced 3 more times in the Introduction 2 pages later, including this: “The Master Plan evolved from an extensive public outreach campaign … where the community expressed its concerns, ideas and desires for the park.”

No. We did not.

We expressed our concerns, ideas and desires for the beach. Compo is a beach.

As a beach, it has many wonderful attractions: a boardwalk, Joey’s, a playground, athletic fields, a marina, and 2 decorative cannons. Those are important parts of Compo, and we enjoy them all.

But Compo is not a park. It is a beach.

Just because 2 people got married at Compo Beach, we don't call it a chapel. (Photo by Betsy P. Kahn)

Just because 2 people got married at Compo Beach, we don’t call it a chapel. (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Changing nomenclature is not insignificant. There is a reason one side in a long-running debate calls itself “pro-choice,” and the other “pro-life” — instead of  “anti-abortion.”

Recasting our planet’s health as “climate change” rather than “global warming” has reframed that issue. Deniers can no longer simply look at freezing temperatures and major snowstorms, and scoff.

Central is a park. Compo is a beach.

And no consultants’ report will convince me to say — as no one in the history of Westport ever has — “What a beautiful day! Let’s go to the park!”

Any way you frame it, Compo is a beach. It is not a park.

Any way you frame it, Compo is a beach — not a park.

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  1. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    Hire strangers to dress your wife and end up with a tart.

  2. Tom Feeley

    Time for a “DO OVER!”

  3. Joyce Bottone

    What is happening to our town! Why are we not helping the businesses who help support our community. Thanks Dan for always keeping us informed. After the wonderful fireworks Monday we found a flyer, attached to our windshield, notifying us of a meeting to be held in August. Let us know if you hear anything. And “yes” we enjoyed parking along the waters edge, as we always do. Weekly morning dates, with my husband…DD’s and then enjoying the sunrise, just wouldn’t be the same without parking along the waters edge at “COMPO BEACH” not park!

  4. Dan,perhaps they are confused because we seem to like to park on our beach ? you know the whole drive on the Parkway,park in the driveway thing.Just sayin.

  5. Don Bergmann

    Yes, we all call it Compo Beach, though when people play basketball, softball, skateboard, cycle or engage in other somewhat “park” like things, the word park fits nicely into the characterization. Curiously, a lot of the effort of the Compo Beach Improvement Committee is directed towards enhancing the beach. Word choices can be important, in this case the choice has little substance, particularly since the effort is to improve the beach experience. Let the process play out. Don Bergmann

  6. Hold the line, Dan.

  7. Hear ye! Hear ye! Been here 31 years. Moved here to be near water and to have a BEACH. Why do we need to pay a consultant to tell us what we already know. Yes we need the bathing, toilet and Joey’s improved, and the beach parking maintained. Do we also need a referendum or a petition to maintain the integrity of Westport?

  8. Wanda Tedesco

    If we just sit back and allow the process to play out the result will be Compo Park. Personally, I have never ever waited in line to get into the beach except for fireworks. It would help if the day pass lane was identified before you get there so the beach attendant does not have to spend three minutes asking the visitor to move over and then take their money. As a senior and life long resident I do not look forward to parking my car in the center of the “park” and walking with all my gear to enjoy any section of the beach.

  9. Michael Calise

    Thanks for speaking up and pinpointing the very thing that has been most annoying about the process. the “park” label is a subterfuge for a hidden agenda of keeping as many people as possible away and controlling the activities of those who show up. All for the benefit of homeowners in and around the beach area. This is a process that has been going on for many years. Remember when the concession was at the roads edge. My Grandparents ran it for many years as did Chubby Lane, Skip’s Uncle. It was a very popular place but it was moved to the interior of the beach and is now a far less glorious activity. A very popular band shell was also removed. Given the continuation of this process we will all be sectioned off to one corner and only allowed one visit a season! We are at a moment in time where the brake’s need to be applied It has to become a matter of public policy that this very successful Beach be left as a Beach Forever.

  10. Peter Flatow

    I have a growing concern that one, too much is being planned to change/built without regard to how it all fits together and two, it is unclear whether the proposals are specific to a well defined objective. What is the problem/opportunity being address with the proposed solution?

    I agree with you that the use of “park” was not simply a substitute for beach. Think about all the proposed projects going on – the downtown plan, library, Barons South, Arts Center, Bedford Square, who knows what else! The thought that all of this could be going on at he same time but could have an inconsistent look and feel is troubling to say the least. Never mind worrying about where the money for all this is coming from.

    So is a “park” going to enhance the “Westport” experience or a better “beach”? Answer anyone?

  11. Dan, you’re just great. xoxo

  12. Sandy Soennichsen

    AKRF and Lothrop Associates?????? It took two consulting businesses to screw up plans for the BEACH and try to turn it into a park? Why are they even still here? Two consultants is a disaster, most cases one consultant is enough of a disaster! And somehow I don’t recall “The Master Plan evolved from an extensive public outreach campaign … where the community expressed its concerns, ideas and desires for the park(sic).” An extensive public outreach campaign?????? I think what we expressed was (after Sandy) a plea to have the BEACH cleaned up and the bathhouse repaired or rebuilt; maybe some other minor improvements. It seems that instead of wasting all this time and money with the consulting companies and that committee, the town could have just done what was asked, and we’d be back to being a great BEACH once again by now.

  13. Jeff Block

    Why do we even hire these consultants? Anyone who has ever dealt with a consultant knows that they are hired by people who pay them to support a predetermined position. From day one the Compo Beach Improvement Committee has paid to little heed to public opinion and too much attention to the consultants “plan”. determined and paid for by the people who write the checks. The proof is in their presentations that high light the “plan” while relegating a vociferous and consistent public opinion to a back seat in the process.

  14. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Speaking from a distance but with 62 years of interest, affection and fond experience with Westport and Compo BEACH as my personal perspective the people of Westport appear to have spoken clearly in opposition to this process and its intent and yet the trajectory of the consultants’ work product appears to remain as it was before. The core values of this group appear to boil down to: “the public be damned we know what they want even if they don’t.” This whole effort needs to be stopped, taken apart and examined and if necessary to prevent damage, de-funded by the RTM. Right NOW. You can call it anything, park, beach, “sand by the sound” or community treasure but the current output of this work group is not consistent with the expressed will of the community.

  15. Tracy Flood

    Found everything – you forgot to sign your comments…….

  16. I will leave this comment (and the following one) up for a couple of hours, so people don’t think I am censoring comments about me. I have emailed the commenter asking him or her to use a real name, as noted above the comments box, and as followed by every commenter on “06880.” If the real name is not forthcoming in a couple of hours, I will remove this.

  17. E. Bruce Borner

    Or Dan when the fish served at restaurants called Dolphin was renamed Mahi Mahi … The intentionality was obvious. I consider Compo a beach but would like to know the ill effects of calling it a park. There is I assume an underlying agenda in calling it one way or the other.

  18. Philip Ross

    We improved Longshore after a long debate between the tennis and pool folks. We replaced tired facilities that no longer serviced the needs of a modern community, and we expanded its use with the hockey rink and created a drop-off circle. At the time, many fought this but today Longshore is improved, beautifully laid out, and more functional.

    Comparably, portions of Compo would benefit with improvements. Not unlike Longshore did, it suffers from lack of functionality, it’s more tired and dated, and has 90% of the people packed into 25% of the area. Compo includes the beach, but has much more…its marina, its barbecue area, playground, skateboard park, softball field, basketball courts, camp areas and its scenic areas which, with improvements, could be more beautiful for the town to enjoy a rising or setting sun. Why in Westport do we put our cars in the most beautiful and valuable real estate waterfront property? We do it along the beach and along the river in town. If we owned property personally by the water would we put our driveway and garage by the water and not have any landscaping or any aesthetically appealing designs? No, of course not. So why do we do that to Compo?
    Sherwood Island State Park isn’t an Island as some designer named it but it is a park. The planners and designers created a beautiful park with a grass circle which service a function of creating a spacious drop off area similar to Longshore and serves to spread people equally around with an East Beach and West Beach utilizing scenic landscape to create beautiful walkways that are a buffer between the beach and the parking area. To further enhance this, the state is about to spend $3.1 million into Sherwood Island. Link:
    I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that Compo is more than a beach No matter what label is used, it needs a significant upgrade to the facilities and improve the flow, while emphasising green over asphalt. Wouldn’t it be great if people could look from the beach and actually see the “sea”–not a sea of cars and head lights? Yet during non- peak summertime, early morning, or late evening of summer, or from September to May, park to see the glorious views. . . .

    Fifty years in the future, they should look back to see we restored a crown jewel and gave it even more brilliance.

    • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

      Now thats some serious spin… hope he’s paid well.

      • No need to go there. Phil gave a thoughtful response, which should be respected and responded to.

        • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

          John, I’ll agree… it was thoughtful and should be respected. I also feel it is serious spin from an obvious pro with an agenda.

          • If by Pro, you mean a professional spin meister, I think you are mistaken about Phil. And from everything I know about Phil (we were Staples HS classmate and our kids play football together) the only agenda I think he would have would be a sincere interest in keeping Westport a great place. I have questions about the plan and the process as it has rolled been out, but I am keeping an open mind. Thoughtful comments from all sides will play a role in influencing what happens to the beach.

    • Spot on Philip and you obviously understand the real estate perspective and preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the coast.Thanks

      • Bart Shuldman

        Skip. With all respect may I ask are you respecting the town and the residents being a member of the committee or yourself. Again with all due respect, where do you live?

    • How do you restore a “crown jewel”? If it is a crown jewel it does not need restoring.

      Perhaps we should have referendum on the plan before the pork is dished out.

    • Bill Rogers

      Sherwood Island is absolutely an Island.

  19. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    To “foundeverything” or whatever/whoever you may represent:

    “I think we’d all appreciate it if you stopped trying to speak for us. Change is not bad, in this case it is stunning and sorely needed.”

    1. Why is Dan’s opinion invalidly (in your opinion) attempting to speak for others and yours is not?

    2. Also it appears that Lothrop Consultants (are they the “Lothrop Family” you referred to?) has accepted as part of its contract for work the task of defending its own work product so why is it also necessary for YOU to speak for them?

    3. What is YOUR agenda and why do you not identify yourself?

    Dan, I’d suggest leaving “the stuff” up until they respond as you’ve requested. Again, there are many people who seem to resent efforts at honest, forthright dialogue and debate on this important issue and “foundeverything” appears to be one of them.


  20. Dan is not out of touch and is not attempting to speak for “us.” Your criticism does not deal with the issues at hand: a pre-determined point of view and plan that was presented in a well defined sales pitch that no one at the first overflowing meeting accepted. (Will the next meeting be in a smaller room?) The four representatives of the commission appeared not to seriously consider the objections of the residents judging by the latest revision of the plan. Dan is doing a service to the people and town with his blog and opinions which are open for challenge, a feature that you have freely taken advantage of in your self-serving criticism and avoidance of the actual issues. And where is the 23 million dollars for this project coming from? Winslow is a park. Compo is a beach. Parker-Harding is a blight on the river. And greed flows through the middle of real estate heaven down Main Street.
    David Meth

  21. Mark J. Marcus

    The real issue is not what we call Compo (it’s a beach) but what changes are being proposed. My family and I have lived in Westport for over 50 years. We have all enjoyed Compo Beach, and my wife and I have especially enjoyed being able to park along the periphery during the cooler fall months, and look at the water. There are some obvious places (like the bath houses) which need improvement but we DO NOT need to redesign Compo beach.

  22. The website describes Compo, “a 29 acre park with an extensive sand beach along the shore of Long Island Sound and borders the Saugatuck River. It is handicapped accessible with a boardwalk, pavilion, concession stand, two sand volleyball courts, large wooden playscape, bathroom facilities and lockers, and is adjacent to the Ned Dimes Marina.” –Using “Park” is more inclusive of all of Compo’s features.

  23. I have removed 2 comments from “foundeverything.” The commenter’s comments — which were supportive of the consultants’ plan, and critical of my stance — are responded to by several other commenters above. The comments were removed because — despite my public request here for the writer to identify himself or herself, and a similar private request via email — the commenter has not done so.

    The beauty of Westport — and “06880” — is that both are communities. Both include people of wildly differing opinions. We express them loudly, and often.

    But with that privilege comes responsibility. If you have an opinion, tell everyone who you are. Have the courage of your convictions.

    I am proud to be able to provide a forum for anyone and everyone to express themselves. We’re all big boys here; we can take criticism. But we all use our names. “foundeverything”: what’s yours?

    • Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

      Good job Dan… If they won’t use their name they should just stay quiet… I was going to say that they could just STFU but I decided against it.

    • Ahem, Dan… We are some, big girls here, too!
      –Jo Shields

  24. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    Eric, I disagree, nothing should be posted without full names.

  25. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Dan, I am with you all the way! Compo is a beach and NEVER was or should be a park! Hold strong Dan and keep on doing what you do so well!

  26. Sharon Paulsen

    Regarding part of the history of Compo mentioned in Michael Calise’s post:
    ” Remember when the concession was at the roads edge. My Grandparents ran it for many years as did Chubby Lane, Skip’s Uncle. It was a very popular place but it was moved to the interior of the beach and is now a far less glorious activity. A very popular band shell was also removed.”
    Just curious if anyone might have some old photos of the concession stand and band shell? Would be fun to see them posted here!

  27. The people are the best consultants. Because we, after all, are the people.

  28. Anyone who has lived in the vicinity of Longshore and Compo can attest to sirens wailing during sunny summer days. Fortunately, leaders in the P&R Department, and the committee and those who contributed to the ‘charette’, decided to focus on pedestrian safety .. They’re focusing on what needs to be done to reduce insurance claims the town receives for these conditions. Please read Appendix ‘A’ closely.
    Compo and Soundview have always had more than it’s share of accidents and injuries involving children. Separating cars from pedestrians is simply the right thing to do for Westport’s children. I’d also like to add the tree warden has outlined the steps need to restore the tree canopy. Namely, planting 2 trees for each one removed.
    Respectfully submitted,
    D. Pettee
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    SHS ’81

  29. John Lambros

    DAN: You got it right! Some may utter COMPO BEACH PARK but that tells us they are newbie’s.

  30. Bettina Cooleen

    Spot on Dan! The “Compo Park Committee” needs to find some grass & a shady tree & park themselves under it – preferably VERY far away from Compo Beach!!

  31. David Webster

    I’ve read and re-read the proposed changes a few times. And each time I am more confused as to why people are so wrapped around the axle about them. It reads to me like a logical package of safety, amenity and beautification efforts which would improve Compo without changing its fundamental character. The beach will remain a beautiful beach, with the sand, surf and waves that make it such a great destination. The other areas and facilities that surround the beach (and have proposed changes) are hardly the unique features that make Compo great today. They could all do with updates that would make all the rest of that acreage both more usable and attractive. I’m confused by all the hostility. Seems mostly directed toward the suggestion that having a running car engine 5 feet away from where somebody might be napping/reading/playing with kids in the sand is less than ideal.

    I’m perfectly happy to walk an extra 50 feet from a parking lot to the sand (like at 90% of the other beaches I’ve visited over the years). But I’m an ambulatory middle aged person with 3 kids, so I recognize that individual willingness to do so may vary. But isn’t that what the handicapped spots are for? And the proposed “Plan B” in the document goes even further, maintaining sand adjacent spots along the grill side of the beach.

    I just don’t get the level of rancor and hostility around these proposed changes. The seem harmless/beneficial taken as a whole. Maybe I’m missing something.

    FWIW, I also think “park” is a far more appropriate noun for what Compo, taken in its entirety, includes at this point. It includes a marina, skatepark, basketball court, softball field, restaurant, and playground. Many of which, don’t fit the inventory of a classic “beach”. Where you see evil intent in the revised nomenclature, I see calling a spade a spade.

  32. Diane Cady

    I believe the contract went to a firm that has had almost no experience
    designing or re-designing beaches.

    • M.J.Marcus

      Hi, Diane…

      Thank you so much for putting this information out there! WHAT is going on in our town? And what’s with all the arrogance on the part of these various committees that are proposing the changes?

      You are doing a great job on the RTM. Although I cannot vote for you, because Mark and I live in District 2, I always keep my fingers crossed that you will be re-elected.

      BTW…let’s get together for lunch one of these days and catch up on our lives! I’m STILL writing copy for MBI! And, of course, Jay Strausser’s son, Eric, has now been my son-in-law for 19 years — and is the father of my two grandchildren!

      Best, Jan (Marcus)

  33. Sharon Paulsen

    Shout out to Jo Shields for the playful nod to the double standard that, perhaps, begs of habit more than conscious intent (just saying – I love seeing the bucking of “accepted verbiage” regarding the status quo):
    “tweetiejo on July 9, 2014 at 3:53 pm
    Ahem, Dan… We are some, big girls here, too!
    –Jo Shields”
    And Dan, you rock! Love this post and seeing all the influx of responses! Just agreeing with Jo here.
    Again, does anyone have old pics of the original location of the concession stand? It would be fun to see how the beach amenities were set up before it’s current layout (which has always been super functional in my opinion, as long as I can remember – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s!). If nothing else, just for the fun of its history and it’s changes. After all, we are all sentimental about Westport, one way or another … That’s why we all post here, me thinks!

    • Denise (Kline) Von Dassel SHS'80

      The previous concession stand was near the entry, just off the street. I grew up at “the beach” in the 60’s through mid-80’s and on occasion we used to go to the concession stand for a snack/drink without actually going to the beach as it was convenient, even for a lunch break. I lived less than a mile from Burying Hill Beach but still referred to “the beach” as Compo. I have not seen/read the proposed “improvements” so won’t comment on that. If they called it the Compo Beach Park, there is something in it for everyone, and if you want to nickname it “the beach” or “the park” it’s fitting for either. I do believe that if someone referred to “the park” no one would immediately think of Compo… just saying.

  34. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    Is this a screenplay of sorts? – Nancy Hunter Wilson

  35. Mark Demmerle

    How much design fee has been paid to the design consultants? Is that public information? How is the design fee structured?

  36. Mark Demmerle

    How were the design consultants chosen and who hired them?

  37. Marc L. Bailin

    Dan! You are one fabulous son of a beach…..NOT a park! And you are so right about the importance of nomenclature and language. Ask Karl Rove. He knows well!

  38. This is the funniest post and series of comments I have ever seen.

    The original poster (Dan?) uses techniques that are right out of “Trolling 101” and Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced Reporting Handbook”:

    Ignore the obvious (that the title of the plan is “Beach” and there are a lot of non-beach facilities and activities which any responsible planner would account for: marina, traffic flow, parking, concessions, ball fields, camps and other facilities that need to be addressed if you are doing anything other than sitting in your car). Show three narrowly selected perfect pictures that ignore 75% of the 29 acres. (instead of how the traffic flow and parking areas make Walmart look good, or how about 100 kids sitting on brown grass in the sun?)

    Inflame the willfully ignorant by simplifying the issue into a personal attack from outsiders “They’re gonna TAKE YOUR beach RIGHTS AWAY!!”

    To really contort the issue beyond any reason, compare the issue to Abortion and Climate Change.

    Are you kidding me?!

    Then you and most of the commentators attack the the consultants, ad hominen, as unqualified and out-of-touch when in fact they probably have 1,000x more experience – as degreed professional planners and designers – than anyone who has written here. Have you looked at their websites and the HUNDREDS of projects they have done for towns and YMCA’s and seen the horrible results that so many are predicting? Anyone gotten any bad feedback from their clients? Theses folks seems like they are some of the best for this project. What’s your plan?

    How many people in town live in houses that haven’t been maintained or renovated for the last 50 years? Still living with avocado-colored appliances and a shower curtain over the tub?

    When reasonable people get their houses remodeled, taxes done, teeth cleaned, home fires responded to, children educated, etc. they employ professionals with experience, and don’t tell them they are unqualified, insensitive slubs who don’t know what they are doing. I’m not seeing anything in the plan that isn’t a good idea. I’m thinking the degreed and experienced consultants with hundreds of successful projects might come up with something better than our current beach-side version of Parker Harding Plaza. So I am willing to listen and learn, something this page obviously isn’t concerned with.

    The Fox Newsiness of the original post and most of the comments are a real low point for this blog and for Westport – Chris Woods

    • You condemn Dan’s ad hominem attacks and them launch a number of your own. Then, you don’t defend the plan , you defend the credentials of the “experts”, thus making an ad hominem argument for the plan.

  39. Ted Friedman

    Clearly the plans for the future Compo Beach/Park have raised a lot of reaction on both sides. Having read the 79 page Compo Beach Master Plan, there are many appealing ideas and some that have raised some serious concerns. It would be appreciated if a committee member could respond to the points below given that there is never any direct feedback to the points and concerns raised by the public.

    The original remit of the Committee as posted on is as follows:

    Project Objectives:
    • Improve traffic flow at beach entrance
    • Improve pedestrian flow and safety
    • Evaluate feasibility of additional rest rooms to service South Beach area
    • Evaluate potential improvements to pedestrian safety along Compo Beach Road and Soundview Drive from Owenoke Park to Hillspoint Road
    • Review and recommend landscape improvements including lawns, trees, ornamental areas and site lighting
    • Evaluate the location of existing facilities including boat storage, softball field, volleyball courts, basketball courts, skate park and day camp facilities.

    One could argue that the Committee has exceeded its remit. Nowhere in this remit is an objective to modify traffic patterns or parking locations within the beach area at significant cost.

    Budget – Page 29 of the Master Plan states: “The estimated cost to implement the vision described in the Compo Beach Master Plan approaches $4.4 million dollars (see Table 1 for detail).”
    This is very misleading. Table 1 only accounts for roads, parking, landscaping and other site infrastructure. It does not include the new bathhouse ($4.1 million) or many of the other critical components of the plan such as the new South Beach Pavilion and Bathhouse, Marina buildings, etc. which appear to have no budget in the proposal. Why can’t the Committee present a proper transparent budget estimate that correlates to the four phases presented in the proposal in their entirety? It is very clear that the total budget for the multi-phase plan will easily exceed $10 million and probably will be closer to $15 million conservatively (before cost overruns).

    Priorities – Why is there such a mismatch between the priorities of the people and the priorities of the Committee? Support for bathrooms on South Beach seems to be almost unanimous and yet they are in Phase 3, unbudgeted and with no timeframe.

    Unintended Consequences – Many seem to say how logical it is that we would rather have the parking set back so we are not looking at metal while we are at the beach. This prompts two questions: 1) Who at the beach is looking behind them at the cars instead of forward at the beach and water? 2) Has anybody actually looked closely at the plans and realized that instead of looking at stationary parked cars, you will now be looking at the headlights of a flow of traffic past South Beach while you are watching the sunset?

    Landscaping – How many times have massive amounts of sand been blown into the parking lots and then had to be relocated back to the beach? How did that 10 foot high dune work out during Sandy? Having lived on Fire Island for 20 years, I watched many futile efforts at dune preservation and beautification at a very high cost to homeowners.

    Safety – Any proposal that would put a major pedestrian crosswalk less than 50 feet from the outlet of a traffic roundabout should raise serious questions about the traffic management experience of the consultants, particularly given the inexperience that most Americans have in dealing with roundabouts. This is a recipe for disaster. One of the commenters submits that sirens are constantly sounding at Compo due to car/pedestrian incidents. I can honestly say that in 13 years, I have never heard a siren at Compo or seen an accident.

    There are many good ideas in the Master Plan and many that merit further debate. At a minimum however, the public deserves a DETAILED BUDGET ESTIMATE AND TIMELINE FOR THE ENTIRE FOUR PHASE PROJECT before any serious discussion commences at other town boards/committees on prioritization of the Master Plan components.

  40. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    Caution 06880’ers, the World reads this post and sees the ugly side of American “democracy” at work. Too much nastiness.
    Use your vote to voice a yea or nay. Then be quiet. Then work and wait for the next match. And, always remember to shake hands when the whistle blows.
    – Nancy Hunter Wilson

    • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

      Congratulations to Germany. Prosit!

      – Nancy Hunter Wilson

  41. Who are the 5 leaders from the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee?
    Skip Lane, Andy Moss, George Franciscovich
    Jennifer Johnson, and Chris Urist.
    3 of these committee members live or have family who reside within walking distance to Compo Beach. Why does this committee object to the taxpayers of Westport parking on the sand at Compo Beach? Could it possibly have something to do with the residents who live near the beach who don’t want cars parked by the waters edge blocking their water views? By removing parking on the sand at Compo Beach you are potentially effecting 27,000 residents of Westport who visit the beach at different times of the day/different seasons of the year. They come to reflect, eat lunch, read a book, meet family & friends to BQ, and park on the sand to watch a sunset and yes have a date night.
    This committee is telling the 28% of senior citizens of Westport to give up they’re parking along the waters edge at Compo Beach, for what reason ?
    I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my parents parking in a lot far from the sand, lugging beach chairs halfway across the parking lot to a
    location on the beach that they use to be able to pull up and unload everything they needed and sit within a few feet from their car?
    I would like to know from our First Selectman Jim Marpe why aren’t there any senior citizens on this committee? They represent 1/4 the population in Westport. Why isn’t there a Historic District Representative on the committee? The Compo Beach buildings are Historic, shouldn’t we be getting their insight on what the town should preserve instead of all this talk about how construction could start as soon as early 2015? The committee needs to be educated on the difference between a beach vs. a park. None of us want Compo Beach to turn into another Sherwood Island State Park. If you want to park your car, then walk ten minutes to the sand, then you should head to Sherwood Island. I hear they have everything this committee wants…… Dunes, shrubs, plantings, parking far away from the sand, oh wait you can’t see the beach when you pull in. Maybe that’s because it’s not a beach it’s a park. Ask yourself, does this committee have your best interest at heart? Are they using our tax dollars properly? Bad enough they already spent the first $50,000 of your tax dollars on a New York Architectural firm who keeps calling Compo Beach a park. What was wrong with hiring one of the 30+ Architectural firms in Westport? This committee is moving VERY quickly with very little input from anybody in the community. First Selectman Mr Marpe hasn’t taken a public position yet. Please contact him and let your opinions be heard. As of today the next meeting is going to be scheduled while half of Westport is on vacation in Aug. In the past the committee tends to give the residents of Westport very little notice before the next meeting. To find out when the August meeting will be scheduled Call the Parks & Rec Dept. Mr Stuart McCarthy 203-341-5090 or First Selectman Mr Jim Marpe office 203-341-1111
    Don’t Settle Westport. SAY NO to Plan A & Plan B.
    Isn’t Compo Beach one of the reason’s why we all moved here?

  42. Wendy Crowther

    Sorry to be so late in responding but some of you might enjoy an aerial view taken of Westport in 1934. This link will bring you to a high altitude photo. If you’re good at maps, you’ll know right where to look to zoom in on Compo Beach. You’ll see the differences between today and 1934. Here’s the link: