Fireworks Rescheduled For Monday

The 4th 3rd of July fireworks — originally scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) night — have been postponed to Monday, July 7.

The Westport PAL, with the Parks and Recreation Department, made the call after reviewing the weather forecast. The chance of rain tomorrow night is 80%.

An early decision will help people make plans, officials noted.

The Parks and Rec Commission Compo Beach Site Improvement meeting originally scheduled for Monday will be postponed to a later date.

Everyone has a favorite spot to watch the fireworks. This was the scene last year at the Schlaet's Point jetty, where Soundview intersects with Hillspoint Road.

Everyone has a favorite spot to watch the fireworks. This was the scene last year at the Schlaet’s Point jetty, where Soundview intersects with Hillspoint Road.

14 responses to “Fireworks Rescheduled For Monday

  1. Is the bet that there will be clear weather or snark? There will be snark regardless, of course…..

  2. Barbara Wanamaker

    At least Mother Nature is giving us more time to study the Master Plan before the meeting!

  3. Pat Pontoriero

    Who’s the genius that decided that this Monday is the rescheduled date? I mean most will be going back to work and the whole point is to spend the day at Campo to enjoy it. Makes no sense. It could have been on a Friday or Saturday.

  4. Jack Whittle

    The scheduling of Westport’s fireworks – never on the actual 4th, and never on a weekend day – seemed curious to me too, until I heard this explanation: Since Westport stages their fireworks at the beach, and since they require a seperate ticket to enter the beach for this event, they need to clear the beach out beforehand, which they do around 4:00 on the day of the fireworks, opening the beach back up to cars with fireworks tickets at 5:00.

    The fact is, it would be unreasonable to try and empty the beach at 4:00 on a holiday day or weekend day; that would only work on a workday when the beach parking lot is not packed.

    • I’m also guessing the barge might not be available on the 4th (Friday), or throughout the rest of the weekend.

  5. Sam DeMattio

    I’m glad I didn’t buy a ticket, I would be angry otherwise. I think its completely unreasonable to think that Monday is an appropriate day. Last I checked Its workday after a holiday weekend, how can people be so flexible to take ANOTHER day off after that.
    What a mess. Poor planning on the Town’s part if they couldn’t fit it on the actual holiday weekend. Looks like I’ll be going to Norwalk to see theirs.

  6. Pat Pontoriero

    Yes! They must have read my post. It’s been rescheduled to this Saturday!!!!

  7. Pat Pontoriero

    Gez…The Westport Patch had sent an email that it was rescheduled for Saturday the 5th, but I checked the website and it’s still Monday….Bummer.

  8. Sandy Soennichsen

    Could it not have been rescheduled for Saturday or Sunday, July 12 or 13?

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Then quit.” – W.C. Fields

    n.w. Staples ’76 (wondering why the 4th of July isn’t celebrated on the 4th of July)

  10. John McCarthy

    So looks like a good call.