Let The Summer Begin!

Alert “06880” readers are sending at least a photo a day of entitled, self-important and selfish parking jobs. I’m trying not to overdo it. I’m limiting myself to the most egregious.

Like this:

Compo Beach parking


It was sent by the Orseck family, who wrote:

“On the busiest day at compo beach so far this year, nearly every single parking spot was taken. This driver decides he needs a few spots for himself.”

Really, what goes through people’s brains when they decide to do something like this?

Presuming, of course, that they have one.


26 responses to “Let The Summer Begin!

  1. Suspend Beach sticker πŸ˜‰

  2. Bobbie Herman

    I hope the policre gave him a ticket, or better yet — I hope someone parked behind him so he couldn’t get out.

  3. Susan Granger

    Dan, I wish you’d post photos that show the license plates of these courtesy-offenders so the police could take notice.

  4. Byron Miller

    Would it be acceptable for people who submit these to also make sure that the picture or an additional picture which clearly shows the offender’s license plate?

  5. Carol Sampson

    I really hope the offenders get to these photos and your blurbs.

  6. Dan, I’m beginning to wonder if some of these photos aren’t being staged for our amusement. This one just about defies belief.

  7. Cherie Quain

    time to take down their liscense plates and report to police, and publicize their names

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  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “The hunter crouches in his blind ‘neath camouflage of every kind,
    and conjures up a quacking noise to lend allure to his decoys.
    This grown-up man, with pluck and luck
    is hoping to outwit a duck.” – Ogden Nash

    n.w. Staples ’76

  9. Not from Westport maybe!!!

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  10. Ellen Wentworth

    Lucky they don’t key the car!

  11. laurie goldberg

    Really, it’s time for everyone to have a pre-printed stack of post-it notes to put under the windshield wipers of these cars. Either Miss Manners-style gentle exhortation to be less selfish, or something more ….satisfying. I actually vote for “Congratulations! You are now entered into our famous “Selfish Driver Of The Day Contest!” Your photo (including license plate) will now be featured on our website so that your friends and neighbors, and perhaps our local Police Department, can vote on who best exemplifies the Most Inflated Sense Of Entitlement, and hand out prizes accordingly.”

  12. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I agree with Tom Feeley – suspend the beach sticker.

  13. Lots of illegally parked cars were ticketed today at the beach. We can only hope this was one of them!

  14. Beth Berkowitz

    Maybe someone should have parked behind and next to this car and then maybe they would have gotten the message about being selfish!

  15. Holly Wheeler

    My vote goes to someone parking behind behind the car (after getting the license number and a few photos – just in case there’s any damage).

  16. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    Miss Manners be damned… spray paint DOUCHE HAT on the side of the car…

  17. Because I hate to believe that people can be this stupid, I will offer my very generous interpretation of what happened.

    Imagine this: It’s late at night and the driver of the offending car gets a call from a friend. The friend is in distress at the beach. The driver races over to the beach, parking in the quickest way possible to reach the friend who is doubled-over by the side of the lot. The driver gets the friend to his or her own car, takes the keys and drives the friend home or to the hospital, thinking, “I’ll come back for my car tomorrow.” And then something comes up and the driver is unable to get to the beach to retrieve the car.

    Or, on second thought, maybe the driver is just thoughtless and selfish.

  18. Real Brains…What are they going to do when somebody parks behind them…DUH…

  19. Doug Conner

    Please NOTIFY the staff at the beach entrance.

  20. Peter Hannan

    Could this be a new twist on reserving a table? Reserve a parking spot for a friend?

  21. Julie Van Norden

    I’m with Bruce F. on this one.

  22. Maybe she pulled in late the night before because her husband was having a heart attack and the ambulance rushed them to the hospital πŸ™‚

  23. Nick Thiemann

    Isn’t it great to live in a town where people can get so insensed about parking. I’ll bet this parking job would be ignored in Syria or Iraq today.