The Bridge Always Wins

It’s a toss-up where this happens more: Saugatuck Avenue or South Compo.

Both places are crossed by railroad bridges.

Both places have prominent “low bridge” signs, with heights prominently posted.

Both places are the scenes of frequent accidents, when truck drivers don’t see the signs. Or don’t believe them. Or think they can squeeze through anyway.

Alert “06880” reader Adam Stolpen captured this afternoon’s accident, by the train station. Check out the message on the side of the truck!

Low bridge accident - Route 136 Westport

Be careful out there.

7 responses to “The Bridge Always Wins

  1. Jo Shields Dickison

    Looks like this truck is living up to its advertising.

  2. Suggest they put sign on Saugatuck by parking lot that the bridge by the river is low as well. Have waited while tractor trailers have to back up

  3. I love the “Crunch” on the side of the truck!

  4. Morley Boyd

    Nate had spent most of Father’s Day weekend watching every episode of BJ and the Bear and Moving On – but it was Jan Michael Vincent inWhite Line Fever that really got him thinking about striking back at the man.

  5. Morley Boyd

    Clearly this bridge needs sensitivity training as it is – in broad daylight – discriminating against vehicles of size. We must stop the hurt.

  6. Morley Boyd

    When his employer first announced, as part of its exciting new rollout of Stax chips, that its new trucks would be outfitted with scratch and sniff paint, Scooter thought it was just another egghead idea from the people with the reserved parking spaces. But he had to admit – and all the emergency responders agreed – the entire accident scene did smell quite delicious.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wow…wonder how crunchy the chips are now! Great shot, Adam.