A Very Special Little League “Challenge”

The 2nd season of Challenger Little League baseball is in the books. And it’s hard to tell who had more fun: the boys and girls with disabilities, or the “buddies” who helped them.

18 “Westport Winner” players faced Greenwich yesterday, at the season-ender on Meyer Field.

As always, each Winner had a buddy to help them at bat and in the field. This time the buddies included the regulars — players’ siblings, and commissioners’ and coaches’ kids — plus special guests: 8 of the 11 boys from last summer’s Little League World Series squad. Scott Stagg and Mike Connors are the highly regarded coaches.

There may be no joy in Mudville. But there sure is at Meyer Field, during Challenger Little League's final day of the season.

There may be no joy in Mudville. But there sure is at Meyer Field, during Challenger Little League’s final day of the season.

After the game, the players and their buddies shared pizzas. Then came trophies, and player-picture baseball cards for all.

Everyone is already looking forward to next year. Congrats to all involved in this Challenger program — which is really no challenge at all.


10 responses to “A Very Special Little League “Challenge”

  1. Stacie Curran

    Westport’s Little League Challenger Division has been life changing for our son with special needs. Living in an ultra-sports-driven community, Westport Challenger is the refreshing opportunity for every child, of all abilities, to play baseball.
    The kids enjoy being part of a team, developing new friendships with their
    peer-buddies at every game, and improving their game as the season progresses!
    Thank you Jack Cody, and Beth Cody – and to Westport Little League.
    Stacie Curran

  2. Stephen Rubin

    This is simply a great story.

  3. What a special event. Fantastic job by the coaches, organizers and players. Great league WLL has added two years ago.

    Warm hearts on Meyers field.

  4. Drew Schutte

    Every kid, no matter what their challenges, deserves the chance to get out on a hot spring day and play some baseball. Westport Challenger Little League makes that a reality. Can’t say enough great things about the positive and supportive environment created by Jack Cody and Beth Cody, and the first rate coaches Mike Conners, Scott Stagg, and assistant coaches Anish Shah and Todd Ehrlich.

  5. Many thanks to Dan Woog for his support. This venture is, by far, the greatest thing I’ve ever been involved in. We have the best group of happy boys and girls on the Westport Winners team, ranging from 7-18 years old. The thing that makes it really special are the peer-buddies who come out each weekend, even if it’s all the way to Greenwich or Stamford. We draw from a list of 147 buddies who have signed on to volunteer. We have our regulars, who are too many to name, but who come out week after week and have formed bonds with the players and accept any challenge thrown at them.
    We cannot do any of this without our great head coaches–Mike Connors and Scott Stagg, the “head honchos” who have volunteered countless hours and do not even have kids on the team! They do this out of the kindness of their hearts.
    If you want to have an hour and a half of pure enjoyment, come out and watch a game next spring!
    Beth Cody
    Challenger Commissioner
    Westport Little League

  6. Deborah Trueman

    I’m so very,very proud of my nephew Jack Cody and sister Beth Cody for creating this program and bringing such joy to these deserving kids. And a big round of applause to all the buddies, including my nephew Nicholas Cody.
    I have the utmost admiration for all of you!

  7. Eileen OBrien

    Great Program!….Great kids….Amazing coaches!….Amazing Buddies

  8. martha Ellinwood

    Hats off to Jack and Beth Cody for bringing a great opportunity to those who have not had a place to share /express their great heart and spirit in team play! Hope it catches on everywhere!

  9. Randi Lehrman

    Beth Cody had done so much for Westport Little League and this is yet another example how one dedicated woman and her amazing son Jack could positively change the lives of children who have to deal with challenges that nobody can appreciate. For the few hours a day on the weekend, they are just like every other person enjoying the game of baseball. Thank you Beth and Jack