Red Light, Green Light

Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman sent this photo along:

Kings Highway light

At first glance, it looks like a normal traffic light.

Look closely though, and you’ll the arrow on the right faces the wrong way.

The light is at the foot of Kings Highway North, where it merges into Post Road West.

The arrow usually points right. Drivers can go right on red, heading west toward Stew Leonard’s.

But for some reason, the arrow was recently changed. Now it directs drivers to the left, toward Kings Highway School — and into oncoming traffic that already has a green.

It’s an accident waiting to happen. Be careful out there!

6 responses to “Red Light, Green Light

  1. Marty bell

    Bart Shuldman, as usual, speaks out to Westporters making them aware of how we can improve our town.

  2. I sent this to Jim Redeker, CT Commissioner of Transportation. Hopefully one of his people will straighten this out.

  3. Michael Calise

    The left turn arrow from Post Road East to Hillspoint Road has been a constant red for the last two days – must be a traffic light virus!

  4. Peter Macalister

    I posted this to SeeClickFix.

  5. Steve Stein

    There is also a crazy light on Post Road heading north as you cross the intersection at Wilton Road! There is a green arrow overhead directing a left turn. There is also a light on the far left corner with a green arrow directing you to the left and just above it is a red light!!

    CT DOT has us coming and going- or is it going and stopping!! Doesn’t anyone check when they put in new lights to make sure they got it right – or is that not part of the job description??

  6. Ann Marie Flynn

    Bart…..thank you for the wonderful observation. You are a life saver