It’s Not Yet Memorial Day…

…but the illegal Compo Beach table-reservers are already out in force.

Compo Beach - saving tables

Sure, the sign is there.

But I’m sure a clever lawyer could point out that these are not South Beach “Rules”; they are  “R les.”

And it’s not reserving of tables that’s prohibited, but “ables.”

Have a great cookout!


5 responses to “It’s Not Yet Memorial Day…

  1. William Adler

    Some people REALLY like to get a head start on 4th of July.l…

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    There’s “pot in garbage cans”?

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    If there was a shortage of tables, and someone wanted one, they should just take off the table cloth, fold it nicely and put at the end of a seat; or I suppose, you could fold it nicely and then burn it in the BBQ. The beach patrol should go by regularly, like every half hour, and remove what is left there if no one is around. It would be nice if someone in violation could have their beach privileges suspended for a week or so, or after three violations, just not allow them or any of their cars at the beach.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Revenge is certainly a common theme on “06880”, even on Memorial Day.
      Why is that?

    • Tom Feeley

      Sandy for Chief of CBP !
      Compo Beach Patrol 😉