The Most Important Downtown Question Of The Day

For decades, Westporters have marked the arrival of spring by this spectacular sight in front of the Y:

YMCA spring 2

It lasts for only a few days. But it’s as much a part of Westport as — well, the Y itself.

A few months from now, the Y moves to Mahackeno. Construction will begin on Bedford Square, an exciting retail/residential/office complex that could remake downtown Westport as we know it.

But will it be done with — or without — these 3 beautiful trees?

9 responses to “The Most Important Downtown Question Of The Day

  1. With them of course. What developer, home owner or town official in his right mind would take down beautiful trees like these? Certainly not in Westport.

  2. Tracy Flood

    Sadly, I’ve heard they will go. Been driving by as often as I can…. Watched them get more beautiful over the past 42 years. It’s such a shame.

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    Did anyone suggest that trees like that be planted on Main Street so they could be enjoyed by all? Main St trees are being planted now, time to speak up still.

    • brad french

      They are Kwanzan cherry trees. They get too wide and very messy when all the flower petals drop. Nice fall color though.

  4. Michael Calise

    I have been asking myself that exact question

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This may be asking too much, but is there room for an inside boulevard between the two lanes of traffic to show seasonal shrubs and bulbs, with a different (less “messy”) variety of cherry tree placed along the side walks?

    Of all, Main Street deserves to be well dressed every month of the year.
    “Welcome to Westport”.

  6. I hope the trees can stay. I was Development Director at the Y for 3 years working with Dick Foot. The trees welcomed me each morning for those few days in the spring.

  7. Marc L. Bailin

    Dan. You mean Westport as YOU know it. The Westport that’s there now is definitely not the Westport that I knew. Perhaps I think along the lines of Mark Twain who is said to have said: “I’m all for progress…..its CHANGE I can’t stand!”

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      I find it a “damned if you do” like Westport, “damned if you don’t” like Westport situation.