Driver Does Nice Thing. Pass It On.

Alert “06880” reader Cary Peterson writes:

Not long ago a card was left on my windshield, apologizing for accidentally scuffing my rear bumper and leaving a phone number. I never called Charles, just dabbed a bit of dealer pen paint onto the blemish on my bumper to see it disappear.


Last week I took a key I found on Imperial Avenue (which had a tag saying SRC food trailer on it…Saugatuck Rowing Club?) to police headquarters, and added it to a pile of keys they have sitting on the counter. Many people have returned keys to the police station. There were loads of expensive electronic car keys there. I guess people aren’t aware of it.

Anyway, despite bad parking jobs, I think Westport’s cup is more than half full, with many people cleaning up the streets and building castles in the sand.

4 responses to “Driver Does Nice Thing. Pass It On.

  1. Thanks for this very helpful post! My son had the key in his pocket and dropped it while running. I went to the police station and already recovered it! I will make sure to pass on the good deed!

  2. Don’t you just love it? It’s really not that hard to be nice…once you get the hang of it… 😉

  3. Very good! Continue the good work. 😀