Wanted: Town Operations Director

The “help wanted” sign is out at Town Hall. Westport is looking for its 1st-ever operations manager.

A press release says the new guy (or gal) will report directly to the 1st selectman. He (or she) “will work with all Town departments to achieve operational efficiency, improve government effectiveness, enhance and expand communications, develop strategies to accomplish disaster recovery objectives, and seek out and develop economic development opportunities.”

Westport sealCandidates must have “considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of municipal administration; knowledge of public personnel and finance methods and procedures; ability to perform research and prepare technical reports on all aspects of municipal government operations; and knowledge of Emergency Management methods and procedures.”

An MBA, masters in public administration or a closely related field, and 5 years of “progressively responsible municipal experience, or any equivalent combination of education and experience,”  is preferred.  Candidates should also have a “strong knowledge of Westport and town government operations.”

A 5-person committee will interview candidates, and make a recommendation to 1st selectman Jim Marpe. The chair is Pete Wolgast, former 1st selectman executive assistant. Other members include Westport personnel director Ralph Chetcuti, communications specialist Karen Hess, former Board of Education chair Don O’Day, and senior corporate executive Steve Parrish.

Marpe calls the operations director “an extremely important member of my team, whose work will directly benefit the town of Westport and its residents.”

For more information or to apply, email personnel@westportct.gov, or go to Room 208 of Town Hall. The application deadline is May 20.

9 responses to “Wanted: Town Operations Director

  1. Tom Feeley

    Excellent Job Description.

    Best of Luck…
    too bad Bob Zappi left Town 🙂

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Dan should moonlight. He fits the bill.

  3. Stacy Prince

    Seriously, Nancy.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      It’s meant as a compliment. Gullibility/Ignorance are my middle names.

      • Stacy Prince

        I’m agreeing. I think he’d do a fine job. Sorry it wasn’t clear.

  4. Tom Feeley

    I know Dan could do it…maybe temp till position filled ?
    Run Dan Run
    ditto ditto ditto

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Note to self: Never comment on “politics” in a town I know zero (today) about.
    Signing off.

  6. Wally Meyer

    Westport needs and should have a professional Town Manager. He or she would administer the Town and the First Selectman would handle the
    “ceremonial stuff”.

  7. Isabelle Isafan

    In my near 25 years in Westport I don’t recall we’ve had so many projects going on at one time. A good executive is seldom a micro manager. Sounds like a good idea to have a person to handle the ‘nuts and bolts’ of things.