Remarkable Downtown Scene

Really old Westporters remember the corner of Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza as the site of a sea captain’s house-turned-map store.

Relatively old Westporters know it as the Remarkable Book Shop.

Newbies called it Talbots.

Now it’s — who knows what?

Remarkable Book Shop 2014

The iconic building that long symbolized downtown Westport is being transformed once again.

I had to use a little filter to keep it pink.


14 responses to “Remarkable Downtown Scene

  1. I spent many hours wandering around the Remarkable Book Shop enjoying all the cool fun things they had there as well as all the great books. I remember seeing it on the news that they were closing when I lived in Florida, that’s how well loved a place it was. It’s sad to see it like this. Hopefully somebody will be doing something remarkable with it once again…

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Dan, the filter comment was my first laugh of the day !!! Wouldst that it will morph into an ‘indie’ store rather than a chain branch.

  3. J.W. Kaempfer


    Some of us remember it well as “The Map and Book Store”, that was there before the Remarkable Book Shop. It was owned by Walter Pitkin. His father had written a book entitled “Life begins at 40”. Walter then wrote an updated version of the classic entitled “Life Begins at 50”. I believe Walter, who was a friend of my parents, sold out to the gal who renamed the store Remarkable.


    • Thanks, Joey. Yes, Sid and Esther Kramer bought Walter Pitkin’s store, and named it “Remarkable.” It not only conveyed the type of store it was — but it included “Kramer” spelled backward. Definitely a remarkable name.

    • Mary Maynard

      And Walter Pitkin and his wife, whose name I wish I remembered,moved there from the building where Java is today.

  4. It would be nice if it was called “Ships’s Lantern!” 🙂

  5. denise torve

    Old Westporters!!! c’mon Dan! How about long-term Westporters, recent Westporters, or something similar….. 😉

  6. So sad, my first job (at Remarkable). Pay was $1.25 an hour, at the end of the summer bought my first Martin guitar. Working at bookshop was great, one day my supervisor Wendy, writing up a charge without looking up said, “May I have your name, Ma’am?” In sonorous tones came the answer, “Joan Fontaine.”

  7. I hope and pray that this sweet little homage to Westport’s 18th century past won’t be (further) pasteurized, bastardized and otherwise drained of its relevance. It would be nice to imagine that it is in the hands of someone who understands what it is. I’m not going to hold my breath.

  8. Sven Davidson

    Here’s hoping that the new owners place a small patch of pink somewhere on the exterior in honor of an icon of Westport’s past.

  9. Wow, just saw this! Wow and just don’t tear it down.

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I actually wish I was old enough to have known (and worked at) Westport’s “The Map and Book Store”.
    Happily, “The Remarkable Book Shop” stays ingrained in memory.

    Surely, “06880” knows who is the next occupant?