Really, Why Do They Do That?

The time: 5:30 p.m., last Thursday.

The place: the Elm Street parking lot, behind the Y.

The photo:

Parking - Y

I’ve been accused of focusing too much on bad parking. Believe me, I’ve held back. You should see the photos sent by alert readers I haven’t run.

I believe it’s important to publicize this epidemic of bad behavior. This is not an example of someone forced by another bad parker to squeeze a bit over a line. This is a man or woman who either

  • deliberately straddled 2 parking spots, or
  • simply could not be bothered to park properly, after getting out of the car and noticing the ridiculous thing he or she had done.

The driver had to notice. And chose to ignore it.

Unless he or she was on a cell phone, which is a whole other set of issues.

PS: Yes, today is a slow news day.


9 responses to “Really, Why Do They Do That?

  1. Bobbie Herman

    The license plate is obvious This person should be publicly humiliated. It’s just another example of the “Entitlement” syndrome that’s been affecting Westport for a number of years. When I moved here in 1983, I noticed how much more polite Westporters were than people in New York. Now rudeness and inconsideration has spread across the state line.

  2. Why do they do that? Total self-absorption: “It’s all about ME!” The scourge of our times.

  3. Michelle Benner

    Hi Dan,

    Slow mornng here too 😉

    I wrote this in your comments section but not sure if it posted:

    “I agree with you Dan. I see this all of the time too and I don’t understand why certain people don’t take the time to park considerately. I even saw a local police car parked this way at our elementary school a few months ago. Strange behavior all around that definitely needs to be addressed.”

    And then I got to thinking that maybe a way to address this is publicly. When I lived in San Francisco, there was a stationery store in Noe Valley that was frequented by petty shoplifters. When someone was caught, the store would take a polaroid photo of the person and the items they were attempting to lift, and then post this photo to a place near the door where all passers by could see. I’m wondering if it would be too much to attempt something similar here in Westport? After I wrote my paragraph to you, I had a vision of creating an installation at the library- the hallway downstairs that people walk through upon entering from the lower lot. Photos of offending parkers could be posted, along with suggestions for safer, kinder driving in Westport. For instance, the “It Can Wait” campaign for not using cell phones while driving, a brief list of eye-opening statistics, and diagrams showing how to be a better parker. There could be open space on the photo wall so more can be added during the installation, encouraging citizens to email, txt, print out / post recent relevant photos of their own. The presentation could be serious and earnest, (a PSA for safer driving/ community kindness), with undertones of subtle humor conveyed through diagrams, titles and captions stating and showing the ridiculously obvious. Do you think this is too much? A way over the top idea?

    Brainstorming here again: thinking of the idea of the old west “Wanted Poster” but using photos of errant parkers. “Wanted: More considerate parking in Westport, etc. etc.” Or, a flier with multiple photos of horrible parking, titled “Congratulations, You’ve been added to the list!” and tucked neatly onto the windshield of offending parkers. I know that’s a bit of a subversive one, but maybe it will evolve 🙂

    Would love to know your thoughts 🙂

    Michelle Benner

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    • Bobbie Herman

      I’ve seen adhesive-backed flyers stuck to the windshields of illegally or offensively parked cars. It would take the car owner a bit of time to remove them, but they might learn a lesson. Of course, then we’d all have to carry around the flyers with us. Is that considered vandalizing?

  4. Larry David coined a term for this: Pig Parking.

  5. Alan M. Beasley

    We actually have laws on the books to minimize many kinds of offense with an automobile. What seems to be lacking is simple enforcement.

    Until that is applied, by mass ticketing, nothing will change. That is a police/government issue.

  6. I never tire of your parking posts. As a very long time resident of Westport/Weston I never cease to be amazed at the entitlement that has crept into our towns. Keep it up.
    Has there been a reaction by the police department? Are citizen arrests possible? Are photos of use in substantiating a citizen arrest?

    We are all exasperated by this behavior, but is there a simple action that can be taken to replace our complaining?

  7. The plate is visable. Why not send to cops and have them issue a ticket?

  8. Another good one!