Oh, Doctor! (Part 2)

Yesterday’s doctor/Walgreens/Mercedes post showed the medical profession in a less-than-flattering light.

This one elevates them to sainthood.

Alert “06880” reader Seth Schachter writes:

Westport Eyecare AssociatesMy wife Alison had some severe eye inflammations over the past few weeks. She has visited Westport Eyecare Associates a number of times. Most were last-minute appointments, including weekends. (They’re hidden in the former Terex building, next to the old House of Pancakes building.)

Dr. Barbara Manion and her colleague Dr. Jessica Yu have been amazing with their care and ongoing treatment. An added bonus is that their office staff is super-friendly.

But the most amazing thing happened yesterday (Saturday). Dr. Manion called to check on Alison. When she heard things were getting worse, she said she was on our way over to our house to drop off medicine for Alison to try. Minutes later, she was here.

A few minutes later, Seth emailed me again. He had more to add:

Five minutes after my last note, Alison’s cell phone rang. It was Dr. Manion calling to check in again — on a Sunday.

Sounds as if Westport Eyecare is special, well deserving of this “06880” shout-out.

But they’re also not unique. If you’ve had a wonderful experience with a local doctor, click “Comments.”

I hope for a very healthy response.



11 responses to “Oh, Doctor! (Part 2)

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    A housecall???????? Wow, hadn’t heard of that since back in the day, way back, like in the late fifties, and that was Dr Buckey in Weston making housecalls to make sure we young’uns were getting better. Most doctors don’t even go to the hospital anymore to check on patients, they rely on the hospital docs on staff to do the daily work and report in. Congrats to Drs Manion and Yu!!!!!

    • I vaguely remember Dr. Al and Dr. Jean Beasley making house calls when I was VERY young. I think other pediatricians — Dr. Lebhar, Dr. Shiller — did the same. Sounds fantastically nostalgic, though I wonder in their cases how efficient that was.

  2. Howard Rosenberg

    They are both amazing! I have a very difficult contact lens prescription and they were incredibly patient with me to finally get the right super comfortable fit. My wife also thinks they are terrific.

  3. Jen Dennison

    i had a similar experience with Dr. Manion. Last winter, on a Saturday morning during the height of a snow storm that ended up dropping over 1 foot of snow, my dog scratched my cornea. In excruciating pain, I called Dr. Manion’s emergency line, and she immediately returned my call. We made a plan to meet at her office. When her plow didn’t show up, she had her sons shovel her driveway so that she could get out. Her neighbor accompanied her, in case her car got stuck on the roads. We parked on the street in back of her office building (because the parking lot had not been plowed), and trudged through over a foot of snow to get into her building. She treated my eye, and followed up with me the following day to make sure my eye was healing and that I wasn’t in pain. She definitely went above and beyond, and I will be forever grateful!

  4. Sandy Soennichsen

    I remember in 1993 at a social gathering: a son of a good friend was going to go off to college and major in medicine and become a doctor. Another good friend and long time senior corporate officer asked him why, and the boy responded “to make a lot of money.” To which the corporate entity responded by telling him that by the time he graduated and finished his residency, he would probably be making as much as a police officer or a school teacher after paying off his tuition, etc. and paying his malpractice insurances. Well, lo and behold, how his words ring true now in 2014.

  5. This could not have come at a better time, Dan!! I need a local ophthalmologist and was dreading the process of looking for a doctor in this area! Love your posts so much!!

  6. robin scarella

    Have been lucky enough to have some excellent experiences but still laughing over your dr column- A shout out to Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal, Dr. Khorush and Dr. Michael Lynch. Am sure there are several more. If we are lucky, we get mostly the good ones!!!!

  7. My wife and I have had very pleasant and professional experiences with Dr. Manion and her staff, so was pleased but not surprised to hear the experience of Mr. Schacter. Nice offset to the Doctor (Part 1).

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, this is awesome. I’ve been trying to find a really good eye doc for years, so now I’m looking forward to scheduling my first appointment with this team!!

  9. Mark Demmerle

    I have two very good friends who are MD’s and they are brilliant in their respective fields, empathic , compassionate, dedicated and generous. I am blessed to know them as are all the others they help.

  10. bobbi essagof

    For the same kind of treatment, if you need oral surgery, go see Dr. Pacelli on Imperial Ave. Vey kind, Patient and above all unbelievably gentle. Pain free dental care. Thank you Dr. Pacelli
    Also the nicest people in evey part of the office.