Terrorizing Turkey

Today is Animal Day on “06880.”

Hot on the heels of an albino squirrel, we’ve got a wild turkey terrorizing Westport drivers.

Alert “06880” reader Mark Jacobs took this photo this morning, near Birchwood Country Club:


Mark says he (the turkey) attacked half a dozen vehicles, pecking at tires.

It’s the same animal Mark saw (and photographed) earlier this month:

Turkey 2

Mark writes:

I contacted Westport Animal Control. They said the state has been informed, and will (eventually) relocate the bird. Unless someone runs him over first.

Apparently he is a regular highwayman. I’m curious what set him off.

Maybe a discourteous, entitled Westport driver flipped him the bird.

13 responses to “Terrorizing Turkey

  1. Holly Wheeler

    Maybe he only attacks Westport cars whose drivers are on their cell phones and/or who ‘slide’ through stop signs.

  2. They’re all nuts. My parents just encountered one on Partrick. I’d say “ran into” but it has a bad connotation. Crazy turkeys seem to be a problem all over and have been featured on This American Life: http://tal.fm/452/2

  3. Terry Anzalone

    We see him all the time. But he is not always alone–there seem to be a few who hang out there. Everyone has been very careful not to run him over—hope his luck continues.

  4. Adam Schwartz '75

    Transplant them to the parking lots often featured on this blog with all the bad parking.

  5. He’s in rut heat. Really, and thinks the cars are after his girls.

  6. Confirmed attack. Was held up by this bird. Courageous. Rooted for him.

  7. Mary Ann West

    Wow, I almost hit him a few weeks ago, near the exit of Birchwood CC he walked onto the road, causing me to swerve, fortunately no one was coming in the opposite direction.

    Next time it’s Turkey Tetrazzini for him!

  8. Linda Hudson

    The neighbors and I on Kings Highway South consider him ‘our’ bird, and hope that if someone comes to relocate him, they take his harem with him. He’s particularly colorful these days, heading into mating season. Last year he (I assume) knocked up 4 hens, who lay up to 14 eggs each! We were only a little disappointed that none of the eggs survived; being in a shallow nest on the ground, they make a nice snack for possums, raccoons, coyotes, etc.
    Driving tip – just keep on moving slowly, as he gets out of the way. He’s been attacking tires for a year now, with hardly a ruffled feather to show for it, despite the ire he raises in some drivers. Some morning I have to wield an umbrella to fend him off just to get into my car, but it’s become simply our ritual, providing more amusement than annoyance. My Unitarian Universalist faith has a principle that affirms “respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we [that turkey and us] are a part.” So be it.

  9. This turkey is actually the leader of a small group of turkeys who have been protesting the membership rules of the Birchwood Country Club which apparently prohibits turkeys, at least those with wings, from playing golf at the club. Now that Augusta National is allowing a few women to join, it is expected that media attention will soon shift to Birchwood. Don’t be surprised if you see the likes of Anderson Cooper, Scott Pelley or Brian Williams along the road interviewing the turkey next time you head down Kings Hwy South.

  10. James Turley

    That mean turkey actually chased me up the road as I was going for a walk past Birchwood a few weeks back… I felt like a fool high tailing it up Kings Highway South with him squawking at my heels – hoping no one was bearing witness to this embarrassing chase 🙂

  11. Met this mean and nasty bird last week. Major damage to psyche- not only had to stop but had to put the car in reverse to get away from its brutal attack on car. Have retained a lawyer and looking into possible culpable parties to sue. Avoid Birchwood road!! Only hope this bird will join the Turkey Trot in Fairfield and relocate.

  12. Michele M. Carey-Moody

    I experienced this Turkey as well about a month ago. He responds to beeping the horn. Also if you talk nicely to him. I did eventually throw some french fries out to him. He ran along side of my car. I was laughing pretty hard. I did not think they could run that fast. (not that I was speeding)

    • Adam Schwartz '75

      You were talking nicely to the turkey? Please upload video next time….