Hey, The Calendar Says It’s Spring…

The weather wasn’t fantastic. But we’re tired of the long winter. And worried about more snow this Tuesday night.

So Westporters did whatever we do in the faintest glimmer of sunshine. We headed to Compo Beach, in droves.

My sister was there too. Susan Woog Wagner is a Staples grad — and a professional photographer.

Her shots are sure to put a “spring” in your step.

No matter what the weatherman says.

Compo - Susan Woog Wagner

Compo 2 - Susan Woog Wagner

(Photos/Susan Woog Wagner)

(Photos/Susan Woog Wagner)

10 responses to “Hey, The Calendar Says It’s Spring…

  1. WOW! Great photos. Wish she lived here in Lexington — I would be working with her on projects! Afraid the budgets wouldn’t allow for flying her in 😉

  2. I remember your sister from Staples. She was somebody who was almost as short as me 🙂 Love her images! You make a good team!

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Loved the photos, Dan. Please tell your sister thanks for sharing.

  4. i think the dog wants to get down and play.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    God, these are really good. I keep going back to the black and white image. Almost has a drawn appearance (like a charcoal and pencil combo … I keep thinking “Rockwell” for some reason), and it’s just wonderful!

  6. Thanks Dan, for featuring me on your blog!!

  7. Great pictures. Kids, guys with beards and ball caps and Rhodesian Ridgebacks always look great in pictures!!

  8. Philip Millstein

    Dan, I love the vizsla. I have had vizslas since 1967- a year after my graduation from Staples. Take care, Phil Millstein Princeton, NJ

  9. Hi Dan and Susan- So the question is – was the dog a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a Vizsla?

  10. Denise Torve

    Delightful photos Dan…. But my legs are too cold and stiff to manage a spring…. Stay warm and safe on this blustery day!