A Shi**y Day At Winslow Park

Alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens took a walk in Winslow Park this beautiful early spring morning. He sent along a photo, of a cute-looking puppet or sculpture or something, hanging in the trees:

Winslow 2

Or not.

Here’s what else Chip emailed:

The crocuses were up, but so was something else: many, many bags of dog droppings.

Folks pick them up with plastic bags, then throw them into the woods, or trees.

Winslow 1

I got a large bag, and started picking them up. The final tally was about 317 blue bags. Most were filled with dog doo. There were also a half dozen beer bottles in blue bags, plus a dozen soda cans.

We have a beautiful park. Do you think we can all help keep it clean? Drop those droppings in the receptacle on the way out, please.

21 responses to “A Shi**y Day At Winslow Park

  1. I realized it involves more maintenance and I’m not sure how much room there is in the budget, but another one or two garbage cans in the rear areas may help to encourage dog owners to dispose of their bags properly. I’d heard a rumor that when a large number of bags surfaces, it comes from one of the private property neighbors throwing the bags back that were tossed onto their yard in the first place. Any truth to this urban legend?

  2. If ya bother to bag ’em why on earth not put them in the trash?!! Kudos to the good neighbor for his generosity and quite unpleasant work he did for everyone.

  3. Holly Wheeler

    If dog owners can’t take care of Winslow Park, maybe they don’t deserve it. At least at the beach, any ‘offense’ below the high water line gets carried out to pollute the Sound. Blue Point Oysters anyone?

    I have a running argument with a friend about the need to pick up poop at the beach. She’d be singing a different tune if her child tripped and fell in a nice fresh pile.

    • Terry Anzalone

      I can’t believe your friend argues with you about picking up the poop at the beach!!! They shouldn’t even be allowed there where children sit and dig in the sand. That is what Winslow Park is for and it doesn’t seem they want to take care of that either. Amazing!!!!

  4. jerrymacdaid

    Maybe dogs should be banned from Winslow Park if their owners are so insensitive at to leave this kind of mess around.

  5. This is disgusting! At least dog poop is natural, but a plastic bag full of shit? Come on, seriously?

  6. This dog crap issue extends to many other areas around town. Thank you Chip. I am one of the stewards for The Haskins Preserve. We have a serial blue bagger at Haskins. If you are responsible for flipping your blue bags into the trees and woods…anywhere…remember that someone else ends up picking your dogs crap up and that is just rude and entitled behavior.

  7. Gary Abshire

    There’s people that need to be stuffed in blue bags and disposed of. I say expand the death penalty if you’re caught flinging your dog mess! Inexcusable beyond allowing them to live another day!

  8. The town spent $10,000,000 to establish a dog toilet in Winslow Park. What do you expect to find in a dog toilet? Roses?

    Years ago there was a public debate on the issue of dogs at Compo Beach, which is has been declared one of the town “jewels”. The decision was made to allow dogs to defecate on the town jewel.

    I have lived in Westport for over 35 years. I do not sit in the sand at Compo Beach nor do I allow my children to do so. Those who frolic in the sand are coming in direct contact with the residue of dog feces and urine. So much for the town jewels.

  9. This is appalling but let’s not get carried away and demonize all dog owners. Winslow is not a “dog toilet.” The vast majority of us are responsible and pick up after our pooches. All it takes is a few to tarnish the many. After the long snow pack this winter I’m not surprised at what shows up. My bet is most of those bags were tossed by one or two irresponsible jerks over a period of weeks, covered with snow after snow. Most people I meet at Winslow would be appalled as well. By the way, compare this all the water bottles and crap left on the Wakeman soccer fields week after week as Dan’s blog has previously noted.

    • Gary Abshire

      Water bottles! I want to slap the living life out of the inventors of plastic drink bottles! But before plastic drink bottles, there was busted glass everywhere. Busted glass AND dog poop in the sand! It was a real pisser!!! The real slap the living life out of, needs to be put on the irresponsible uncaring selfish walking human waste that tosses their dog crap and plastic bottles everywhere for us regular people to deal with! Ergo : Expand The Death Penalty!! The herd needs thinning anyway!

    • And also trash (including coffee cups and newspapers) left in and underneath the Wakeman bleachers by parents.

    • The fact that “most” pick up after their dogs, does not change the primary function of the park; clean or otherwise the park functions primarily as a dog toilet.

      • No, the park functions as intended as a park where dogs are allowed off leash to exercise and play and for park users to enjoy. An occasional poop cleanup issue does not diminish that function.

  10. Gary Abshire

    Well Andy, if you take your little blue bag of your dog poop with you “Good boy! That’s a good boy!!!! Who’s a good boy?!?!?! Andy’s a good boy!!!!”

  11. Sandy Soennichsen

    Well, if the other dog walkers don’t come down on the perps then lets take a look at banning all animals from the park, and then selling it so that a trailer park or condos can be built there, mostly for the indigent, and there are those in town, don’t kid yourselves that you’re all just living in a real dreamworld. If the problem at Winslow Park is so out of control, then just impose a ban, with a stiff penalty, $200 per dogwalk. And maybe really consider recuping our $10,000.000 and more by selling the property.

    • Jerry McDaid

      Excellent location for affordable housing. Maybe create the new Maplewood Avenue neighborhood, but this time protect it with deed restrictions to prevent future neighborhood destruction.

  12. People really forget what dog feces does to the surrounding environment. Not the same as animals that eat fruit, nuts, seed and berries. Dogs eat meat and dog poop composts differently… Not healthy! I had a neighbor once piled up her dog poop along my fence. Once the spring thaw came…and the prevailing winds kicked in …well…the warmer it got…the worse it got! She really did not think that it was a big deal because in her words….”that’s what we did in California”. Well, for all you poop bag flingers…from some other place where you may think that behavior is acceptable….not in a Westport! Fling your poop in a receptacle or take it with you. All open space needs to be shared an respected for all to use. If you bring it with you …. Take it back with you…POOP INCLUDED!

  13. melody james

    I remember hearing that in Germany PEOPLE have to get trained and licensed to have a dog–THE HUMAN is held responsible–sounds right to me!