The View From “06880” Central

Here’s the scene on my patio:

February 13, 2014


Also, pretty much the last time I hope to take a picture like this, for the next 15 years.

At least.

9 responses to “The View From “06880” Central

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    WOW Dan, are there bodies in the chairs under the snow?

  2. robin scarella

    Unfortunately ours looks about the same- this truly sucks is all i can say- am hoping we don’t lose power tonite- then it really really suck.
    Hope everyone is home and staying off roads. Sorry for the businesses losing income- and for those tyring to clear our streets.

  3. Stephanie Bass

    Looking for support group so I won’t buy more boots or surcomb (sp?) to the Siren Song of freebies if I order $50 worth of make up from Sephora…

  4. Dan, it looks as if some baker intent on some patio mischief at your house went crazy with the meringue. Stephanie… it’s succumb, and good luck with that!

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I’m envious, missing that New England snow and skating on our pond in Westport as a kid (pretending to be an olympic figure skater!).
    Here, it’s crocuses, hellebores and sprouting daffodils. Sorry!

    p.s. we’re long overdue for a major earthquake, so I’d prefer your winter anytime. Stay safe. Try to enjoy!

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Actually, I forgot to ask: when stocking up on bread, milk, eggs… why not take time to replenish the wine cellar? I would.

  7. Jeez, how do you people live like that?? (Written from 75 degree Arizona!)

  8. Joyce Barnhart

    When life gives you snow, make soup! I put pots of soup or sauce in piles of snow like that to cool quickly. There’s a limit, of course, but I like a little accumulation for just that reason. (And the limit is probably approaching.)