Piling On

Former Bridgeport mayor Jasper McLevy once said: “God put the snow there. Let him take it away.”

Fortunately, Westport has a fantastic public works crew that manages to clear roads quickly and efficiently, then cart all the snow off to — well, God knows where.

So, looking at this photo just sent by alert “06880” reader Scott Smith —

Snow on Main Street

— the question is: Which snow will disappear first? This pile, or the ones on the sidewalks?

I bet this one.

9 responses to “Piling On

  1. There was a time it was dumped in the river.

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    Now most of it is dumped at Compo. I mean that makes sense, right, it ‘s not supposed to go into any water and I’m sure there is no runoff whatsoever at Comp.

  3. The Post Road is a state road, so let’s give Steve Edwards and his people a break and call the pile the state’s snow!

  4. bobbi essagof

    I have fond memories of watching snow being dumped over the bridge next to National Hall when my kids were little. It was great entertainment for them. I guess that would’ve be early to mid 90’s. Ah the old days….

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Send it all to Sochi.

  6. Dale Wehmhoff asked me to post this comment:

    The first selectman should pass a law that if contractors plow snow when they do driveways, they can’t put all the snow in the street that the public Highway Department just plowed. The fine should be $100 per time and the homeowners get the tickets. First, the highway guys have to keep going back. Second it could be hazardous to drive through it.

  7. Hello? This one will go to the dump and the sidewalk princesses will lose their opportunity to get theirs picked up in a timely fashion by same.

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Just curious, what is Westport’s snow removal budget/household? How many pieces of ice/snow removal equipment (including Parks Dept.)?
    Is staff professionally trained to operate the equipment (and knowing, for safety, to focus on the task at hand)? What are response times for arterial and collector roads (leaving local roads last)? What are the Traffic and Parking Bylaws, which address business and homeowner responsibility for ice and snow?
    If you complain, then find answers.

    p.s Heaven forbid garbage pickup is delayed.

  9. Steve Crowley

    Dan it’s Compo the secret hiding place for girls weed and snow . Best to you Steve

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