Dos Mexicanos

The other day, an alert “06880” reader was talking to Qdoba corporate headquarters. (It’s a long story.)

QdobaAlong the way, she learned that the Mexican grill — beloved by college students for its (relatively) fresh food and (somewhat) reasonable prices — will be opening in Westport at 275 Post Road East.

The bad news is: that’s Playhouse Square. Traffic already approaches Chris Christie/George Washington Bridge levels. If it goes in where Purple Feet was, we’ll be at Defcon 1.

The good news: There is also a vacant storefront (though it has a “Space Available” sign in front) at the former Pierre Deux. That’s the stand-alone store, at the entrance to the shopping center. So if Qdoba goes there, diners won’t have to actually enter Playhouse Square. They’ll just add to the mess by the traffic light.

Meanwhile, word on the Compo Acres Shopping Center street sidewalk is that the new tenant in the old Oaxaca restaurant space will be: Chipotle.

Further “06880” reports on Qdoba and Chipotle will be forthcoming mañana.

Or whenever we hear something definite.

7 responses to “Dos Mexicanos

  1. Just what Westport needs: two new fast food joints. Instead of an authentic bookstore, or, God (who, I assume, is a real-estate developer) forbid, a movie theater that would show non-teenie-market films, we get additional trafficking in teenie-market eats and denser traffic snarls.
    As far as visiting the shops or USPS in Playhouse Square goes, I’ve given up that exercise in blood pressure elevation, unless I can bring along a runner who will do my errands for me while I bide my time in the car. Staying as far to the rear of the melee as I can is far preferable to playing bumper cars in the churning vortex of SUVs contending for those elusive parking spots.

  2. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Qdoba will be located at the old Pierre Dieux site. Silly me thought Playhouse Square would be a good parking location for the post office. Maybe we are just using it more? I go there mornings regularly and there are usually 6 to 15+ people waiting in line. Whoda thunk?

  3. Dan-you can take Mexican off your list of missing restaurant types in Westport.

  4. robin scarella

    Does anyone not realize how dangerous it is becoming. Only when a major accident in the center, will someone figure out not to have any other restaurants in that center. Feel bad for the stores already in there.
    As usual, your description is first rate!!!!

  5. Chipotle a half mile from my house? I am so excited! Priceless!

  6. There have already been some accidents in Playhouse Square – nothing that would warrant a roadside memorial, but still. In that vein, the last I knew the traffic light at the entrance was on the “roach motel” setting. I can’t really work out if it’s been changed or not; it kinda seems the same. Anybody know?