Joining Andrew’s Army

When Andrew Accardi died on October 31, legions of family members, friends and teammates mourned.

The 20-year-old Villanova University finance and marketing major — and 4-year golfer at Staples — lost his 15-year battle with neuorblastoma, a brutal childhood cancer.

Andrew Accardi

Andrew Accardi

Over several years — led by Andrew — a group called Andrew’s Army raised over $350,000 for neuroblastoma research at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was treated so well. The money has aided breakthroughs in fighting the deadly disease.

Now — despite losing their leader — Andrew’s Army has pledged to do more.

During the coming months, they’ll organize a series of fundraisers for neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers.

This morning, Andrew’s Army launched a Facebook page. In its first 8 hours, it earned over 800 likes.

The page is the first step toward gathering an online following. That will make it easy to spread the word about upcoming events.

To add your name, click on To donate right now, click here.

Help Andrew’s Army march on.

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  1. Robin Scarella

    Childhood and cancer should not be in same language but too many times it is. We can and will support this for all children. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks. He is not kidding buried next to my husband at Assumption Cemetery.

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  3. Estelle Margolis


    I tried to contribute and could not get thru the log on process. Help? Estelle