Bar None

An alert, concerned and anonymous “06880” reader reports that a father and 13-year-old daughter visited a popular local restaurant.

Waiting at the bar for their table, the father ordered a beer. The girl asked for a Coke.

The father drank his beer. The girl took one sip of her soda, and spat it out.

It was a rum and Coke.

An honest mistake? An assumption by the bartender that Westport fathers buy drinks for their young daughters?

Moral of the story: Seventh graders, if you’re in a restaurant, be sure to say, “Hold the rum.”

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2 responses to “Bar None

  1. It’s time for the police to conduct their too rare underage alcohol sting.

  2. Nick Thiemann

    I was served an uninvited mixed drink at Idlewild Airport when I was 13. The waitress was very reluctant to take it back. Mistakes like this have gone on forever.