Whoa, BOA!

I know it’s a private lot. But as a Bank of America customer, I think it’s crazy — and a waste of money — to hire an attendant who shoos away non-banking drivers.

This was the scene at noon today:

BOA parking lot

As for the BOA “security guard”: Whenever I see him deployed outside one branch, I just rob another.

6 responses to “Whoa, BOA!

  1. BoA has shooed me and my family so much, we’ll never set foot in a branch unless under duress. No it wasn’t from the guy outside, it is on the inside with their usurious charges. I believe they now charge to breath the air inside the branches (just kidding — sort of).

  2. Gloria Gouveia

    Not to worry. At the rate banks come and go, they won’t be there very long.

  3. On the 3 or 4 weekends before Christmas, that is often the only place I can find to park when I go to the Y. Fortunately I have never been chased away.

    • Park when you go to the Y? I’m thinking BoA might be justified in having an attendant. It’s one thing to park for a moment to run across the street to pick up glasses or a Pinkberry, it’s another to park while you do your work out session? Why not extend that session by parking in the library lot and walking to the Y? SMH.

  4. That is really lame. How many people go to the bank at any one time? And how many spaces are there? I could understand if they only had 3-4 spaces but really!! An attendant just to scold people? I wouldn’t bank there just because of that!!!

  5. I love that branch! I have had my checking account there since we moved to town 40 years ago (although it has changed names several times. )

    There is a double standard here!!

    Save the Children actually chains and guards their lot to keep out Bartaco patrons. There are signs all over town in front of liquor stores, clothing stores, food stores, restaurants, cleaning establishments and every other town business stating “Parking only for Patrons of …”. The store owners want those spots for the folk who are coming to do business. The town requires parking spots for those businesses when they have to go before the town boards. Find one owner/businessperson who wouldn’t object to his/her spaces being filled with guys working out at the Y.

    Do you think the bank officers may have heard complaints from some of their customers that they can’t find a parking spot in that huge lot when the bank only has two or three people doing banking in the bank? It’s happened to me!!

    Maybe there is a reason they hired and pay money for that guard to freeze his … off in their lot!!

    Would anyone prefer to have their car towed out of that lot instead??