About That Greenway…

You won’t find Westport listed on the official Connecticut Greenway Council map.

Google shows 1 result for the search term “Westport CT greenway.” It’s for the official town website. Drilling down on the site, you see a map titled “Action Areas.” It shows 3 “Proposed Gateway Trails”: along the shore; up Riverside and Imperial Avenues, then north to Weston; abutting the Merritt Parkway.

But very alert “06880” reader Wally Meyer noticed a little green “Greenway” sign near the train station  in Saugatuck, and another on Green’s Farms Road.

Greenway photo

The Greenway is a cooperative effort of East Coast states. Running from Calais, Maine to the Florida keys, it’s designed for non-motorized transit — bikes, walking, whatever.

So what’s up with the Westport Greenway? Is it official? In the works? Rogue?

Inquiring minds — and potential bikers and walkers — want to know.

6 responses to “About That Greenway…

  1. Let’s see….there was a whole lot of money available for the sign program so government logic would be to produce and install them in anticipation of the balance of the program funding! Got it! Great Eye Wally!

  2. bread and circus…sad, really.

  3. Mark J. Marcus

    When I first read about this there was talk of a mixed use of walking, bike riding, horseback riding and motorcycles – what a great combination. The walkers and the Harleys I think are an especially nice mix. Why don’t we concentrate on fixing our state’s existing infrastructure instead of wasting time and money on this questionable idea.

  4. Google http://www.greenway.org/ Tells you about it and you can even make a donation.

    Private and corporate funding. Portions have been established from Maine to Florida.

    We have walked sections in DC along beautifully kept and restored barge canals and abandoned railways. Walkers, joggers, runners and bicyclists. No horses or motorcycles allowed.

    NYC has a greenway from the Battery to the GW Bridge (also has the High Line).

    The idea is to have safe places walkers, joggers, runners or bicyclists where you won’t get killed by the speeding motorists talking on their cell phones who own the roads and have no respect for human life!!

    And not a penny from your pocket unless you want to contribute. Maybe that’s why Westport only has two signs so far!!

    • Mark J. Marcus

      Some of the greeway proposal may make some sense, but when the idea was first talked about, there was an appropriation of funds to investigate the possibility of running it along the Merritt Parkway. Just the safety and sanitation issues alone made this a foolish idea, and the costs of dealing with the multitude of entrances and exits made the idea financially untenable. Just think about constructing a bike, running and horseback riding trail through the new Exit 41 interchange for the Westport-Weston Family Y.

  5. Official directions to a place that doesn’t exist…if we’re going to post delusional (sorry, I meant aspirational) signage, why can’t it be more topical? To wit: “This way to traffic-free roads” or “Delicious fat-free holiday food over here” or perhaps “Missing 2 million dollars from Education Dept beneath this rock.