Rollin’ On The River

Though downtown may have lost a bit of its Christmas mojo, Saugatuck has picked up the slack.

Christmas lights and trees abound. The Bridge Street (Cribari) Bridge is a sight to see (thanks, Al’s Angels!). There’s a lively spirit in the air. 

And — as alert “06880” reader Chris Woods notes — for the past 4 years a mysterious boat has ghosted up and down the river on evenings leading up to Christmas. The boat spreads good cheer, which is returned with heartfelt honks and waves.

Christmas boat

Who owns the boat? And — more importantly — how did they get a 20-foot tree on it, and under the bridge?

That’s just one of the mysteries of Christmas.

3 responses to “Rollin’ On The River

  1. Todd Reighhelm. And Jeff Vannart. Two native westporters. Creative. Thoughtful. Spreading cheer! They r the best!

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    Great job Todd and Jeff. Hmmmm, any chance you can take the boat up Main Street and spread some Christmas cheer over there? All the best to you both, Happy Holidays.

  3. Todd Reichhelm