Newtown Prayer Vigil Is Canceled

Bad weather has canceled the Newtown candlelight vigil, scheduled for this evening on Veterans Green.

Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church sends along these remarks, which she had planned to deliver tonight:

On this anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings, we hold in our hearts:  families still heartbroken and a community still struggling to heal; siblings and classmates, teachers, pastors and first responders; community members working together to forge a way forward; all those for whom today stirs up fresh waves of grief. Holy One: wrap us in your powerful, comforting embrace.

And God? Even as we mark this anniversary, bullets continue to fly and children continue to fall (another 26 children every three days!), so we also ask for the courage to turn this world around. We give thanks for courageous voices; for all those working to overcome fear, reduce violence and nurture compassion.

Lend us all resilient spirits and hearts filled with hope. Turn our dismay into determination. As the people of Newtown struggle to find their footing and claim a future defined by more than the events of December 14th, 2012, help us all to craft a future in which all children can thrive. Amen.

Candlelight vigil

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  1. Thank you Dan for sharing that

  2. Charles Rosoff, ASA, MRICS

    Please post that the Fairfield County Chorale is holding its holiday concert tonight at 7:30 at Norwalk Town Hall.


    Charles Rosoff